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Creamfields is known to be the largest electronic music festival in the world, to be on the top tier on the festival ladder, with nearly 20 years of experience in the party field, Creamfields have been bringing their professional partying skillset all over the world and expanding their base to different parts of the world. When you hear the name Creamfields, many would imagine a clubbing experience blown up in proportion by 100%. This year coming to Hong Kong, they will be bringing us a two day event, the stage hosting over 18 DJs on non-stop rotation of music on blast! Just like we said, most of the audience assumes what Creamfields is really about, but do you really know? The idea of our introduction to Creamfields, is to give you all an idea of the brand and what makes it stand out in the heaps of music festivals plastered all around the world now.

Creamfields originated in 1998 in the UK, slowly over the course of 20 years making its way around the world. There are branches over in South America countries, Europe and Australia. Each event attracting festival goers from all over the world, in its heights attracting an average of over 60,000 visitors each event!

All this background information is on Wikipedia anyways, so let’s not dwell on this. BOOM took the liberty to dig deeper and look closer into the brand, finding the Top 10 moments that truly defines Creamfields, hopefully our Hong Kong stop will also make it on the list in future references!

10. Run DMC joins the first ever Creamfields

The first ever Creamfields was truly covered with stars, including Daft Punk and Paul van Dyk

9. Moving to its long-time home in Daresbury

Over capaciting it’s original home in Liverpool, Creamfields made its move in 2006 and has been residing in Daresbury since

8. Winning The Best Major Music Festival

In 2010 Creamfields took down Glastonbury and V Festival and got awarded Best Major Festival in the UK

7. Due to the weather, 2012 Creamfields got cut short

Well, being the town that rains the most, it was bound to happen, leaving artists and fans very disappointed

6. Avicii announces his last show in 2016

Fans got to say their goodbyes to Avicii at Creamfields as he marks his last performance in the UK

5. Attracting most festival goers in 2016

Creamfields 2016 is known to have attracted the most attendance, recording at 70,000 festival goers in total

4. Creamfields becoming the largest electronic music festival in the world

Since they expanded their duration to four days with 28 stages in total, they stole the first place in the festival charts

3. Celebrating 20 years in 2017

Creamfields celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2017 with 30 stages and 300 artists joining their flagship venue in UK

2. Creamfields recreated their parent venue Cream at their latest edition in Daresbury UK

Although Cream was closed in 2015, Creamfields decided to recreate for a weekend in the name of their 20th anniversary

1. Creamfields is finally coming to Hong Kong!



Creamfields Hong Kong will be held at Asia-World Expo on the 15th-16th of December, 2017. Friends of EDM and partying don’t miss out! 

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