Cyrus Bozorgmehr @ Arcadia Spectacular

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cyrus-bozorgmehr-arcadia-spectacularCyrus Bozorgmehr

Head of Communications
@ Arcadia Spectacular

Arcadia Spectacular lives up truly to their name: spectacular, awe-inspiring, and an advocacy for a meaningful environmental cause through the medium of music, experience, and festivity. Cyrus Bozorgmehr reveals the team’s goals to bring worldly issues, such as sustainable and environmentally conscious living, as well as a common sensitivity towards cultures through expression, performance, and storytelling, to the attention of festival fans and frequenters, as well as the public.

Bozorgmehr comments on the difficulty of selecting their Asia stops, stating that “everywhere we looked on the map, there was another city, another culture that opened up huge possibilities”. Settling the Asia tour stops in Seoul and Taipei was mainly due to the high quality of the venues, namely Seoul’s Olympic Stadium and the Taipei City Riverside Park, as well as the “warmth, kindness, and hospitality” of both locations. However, the personal relationships that the Arcadia Spectacular team was able to build with the respective local partners in both cities was ultimately what triggered the final nod of approval. Riverside Park’s “Yin and Yang of natural and industrial – the contrasts of timeless nature and glittering futurism are exactly what had excited [the team] so much”. Arcadia Spectacular is working closely with Barry McGuire, the Aboriginal custodian of the Nyungar people’s Yallor Keeninyarra ritual that will be incorporated into the performances during the Australia stop: “being able to do this with communities wherever we go is the dream. That’s real connection through art and ritual – breaking down cultural barriers and enhancing mutual understanding”.

Arcadia Spectacular’s noteworthy motif of a fifty-tonne spider, constructed with recycled materials and expelling biofuel flames, is the epitome of a sustainable and nature-conscious creation. “In a world where we perhaps consume in a more immediate and disposable fashion than is sustainable, showcasing the idea of recycling being creative and fun, rather than a sacrifice, is a key theme”, Bozorgmehr states, “we love the idea of the Spider and the whole environment as a solid, three-dimensional entity”. In combining sophisticated technology, digital illusions, and virtual realities together, attendees are able to experience this organic creature that possesses “a character and an anthropomorphic sense of being” – a visual and sensory awe like no other: “people connect with something that has eyes, legs and a sense of being alive far more than an artificial landscape alone”. The Arcadia bug stage was also featured in the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Paralympics, and when asked about the concept of the incorporation and what it had intended to achieve, Bozorgmehr replied that the stage served as an honorary spectacle as a sign of respect towards the athletes. “It was one of the most humbling experiences of our lives. The extraordinary courage, determination, self-reliance and depth of character of every Paralympian set it apart from anything else we had ever done”.

The coalescence of visual technology, music, architecture, and sculpture all into one multisensory experience marks one of Arcadia Spectacular’s most defining qualities. Immersing oneself into an audiovisual harmony of lasers, performance, and music, is the essence of the Arcadia experience.


Arcadia Landing Taipei 2016
9th October, 2016
Taipei City Riverside Park, Taiwan