Dee Montero – New EP and Gig This Saturday

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This coming June will see the release of the latest EP of the Belfastian DJ, now based in Ibiza, Dee Montero. The 2-track record, titled Voyager, displays 16 minutes of progressive house, both tunes organized as a rise and a descent through the piling up of simple patterns, merging ultimately into a complex ensemble.

“Pangaea” makes a good opening to the album. Dee Montero worked on the contrasts between sequenced electronic sounds and the acoustic touch of unsettled chords at the grand piano as well as soaring string band’s lines. The tune maintains a good balance between simplicity and richness, good enough for you to get lit on the dancefloor at the kick of the drum, or to chill and listen to the harmony inflates in your headphones.

“Voyager” follows the same form but with a different vibe. The harmony is groovier, and the DJ planted here and there a couple of rhythmical complexities which makes the listening more stimulating. Just like ‘Pangaea’, the tune is subtle enough to be enjoyed at home, but will do the job for your next party.

Find more info about Dee Montero’s tour dates and music on his Facebook page and his Soundcloud.

If you are free this Saturday 19th of May, you can go check him out directly at Gecko.

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