Difference Magnifying Lens: 2017 MAMA VS GRAMMY

A big shout for another upcoming music ceremony and global festival, shall we?

The 2017 MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA) just final-bowed its Premiere in Vietnam last Saturday, with Japan (29 Nov) and Hong Kong (Dec 1) celebrating its return, Hong Kong fans are hyped! While counting how many days left til its opening in town, why not dive in and learn a few things about it?

Claimed as Asia No.1 Music Festival, MAMA prouds itself to connect the music industry around the world with a global music festival. Considering such a large scaled music award, you may think of GRAMMY, a internationally-honored award which recognizes dominantly English-speaking music. With that, we’ve come up with a comparison between the two music awards and have it laid plainly onto you!

Ed Sheeran at 2017 Grammy Awards
Beyonce at 2017 Grammy Awards








Okay, we all know that MAMA is a regional award focused chiefly in K-pop and Asian music, while GRAMMY is under the spotlight of an international stage. But what’s beyond that? Read on.

Age 18 59
Goal Connect with music industry around the globe Improve quality of life and cultural condition for music and its creators
Category 3

(K-pop, Asian music, Professional)

84 (with 30 fields)

Alternative, World Music, Pop, Spoken words, Music Theater, etc.

Nominee Unknown Recording Academy voting members
Result Public vote

Expert judges

Music Sales

Record Sales

Vote by Recording Academy voting members

(No album sales or chart position)

As a young music award, MAMA secures its significance across the continent. However, with its heavy lean on album sales, it’s bound to give advantage to those musicians with higher music sales and popularity, which might undermine the birth of rising talents.

Yet, fans love participation. This is no exception. Millions of fans voted this year. The chance for everyone to voice out gives MAMA a strong push, enabling it among Asian music awards hypes.


Take a glimpse of 2017 MAMA below!

2017 MAMA in Hong Kong

2017 Dec.1 Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena

Red Carpet: 17:00-18:30, Awards Ceremony: 19:00-22:00 

Couldn’t get the ticket? They’ve you covered! Watch its live broadcast via ViuTV (


MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is a music ceremony organized by CJ E&M through its music channel Mnet. Its first ten year was hosted in its birthplace South Korea and is now held in other countries across Asia.

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