The Rising Star | DJ Copan Kasten

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DJ Copan is a rising star in the DJ industry, and music lovers should put more attention on his music. He is only 19 years of age, but his music is full of charisma and personality. At this young age, he has already worked with many DJs and that gave him a lot of experiences. DJ Copan definitely will be a star in the industry.

Q: What has driven you to take on DJ as your career? What’s the most enticing aspect? 

For me, there were many things that drove me to become a DJ. The first thing was whenever I listen to the electronic music I enjoy that high energy and vibes go off. Secondly was the rush I got myself when I was DJ-ing. Lastly, it would have to be crowd control, when I saw all the DJs at ultra-playing to a crowd of 50k< everyone listening would follow what the DJ said and see everyone happily dance their night away I knew DJ was exactly what I want to do.

Q: Having an Anglo and Chinese background has it played as an advantage in your career?

I think it did give me some advantage in this career, especially in Asia. I think people in Asia will get tired of always seeing foreign DJs. Plus, local talent in Asia is very rare so for people to see it at local events it helps for being booked to shows.


Q: You’re only 19 years old, do you feel that people would think that you’re too young to be a DJ?

Not at all. I feel as if as time progresses, there are starting to be more and more young DJ. Although it is still rare to see a DJ who is close to my age, i don’t think that people will think I’m too young.

Q: Who have been your music influence? Are there any DJs that you admire and strive to work towards?

Over the course of the time I’ve been a DJ, and I’ve had many musical influences, but the person who stands out to me the most would be MAKJ. The time that I started to make music I saw MAKJ in the 2015 Ultra set, technically and song choice wise it was the best set I’ve still heard to this day, and since then I’ve aspired to become as good of a performer.


Q: How was the process in finding your own music/ performance style?

I think now I am still finding my music and performance style. And this requires me to have more experience. And all those experiences can help me to make a new unique sound and a whole new performance.

Q: Having performed along so many International DJs which was the most memorable experience?

So far there hasn’t been any experience which has ever stood out to me yet but I’m excited about the day I do get that experience

 Q: Have you learned any special tricks from them? Or taken anything from those experiences?

 Recently Kaku has been helping me refine a song, and his help improves my production in the music.

Q: What’s your dream performance venue, or festival?

I would like to perform at all the top festivals that a trap and bass DJ could play at such as hard summer, lost lands and more. Also, I would also be happy to perform at Coachella where you would be among a wide range of talent and not just DJ.

Q: Other than Hong Kong, where else would you like to bring your music to? 

Obviously, I would like my music to bring my music worldwide and to as many people as I could!

Q: What are some of the exciting plans for you in the upcoming months?

In the upcoming months, I’m excited to announce that I will have the new music coming out and I will be performing at ISY Music Festival at Sanya. And a month after I will be going to Taiwan to open Looptopia.Music Festival.