DJ Sagan Strengthens His Position as Forerunner in Future House in New Release

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After the success of the breakthrough tracks ‘Boomers’ and ‘Happiness,’ the Ukrainian DJ Sagan releases latest stunning track ‘Need You Too’. With the new track out now, Sagan is securing his place as a future house authority.  

‘Need You Too’ features a progressive vibe, charming vocals of the 90s, and the atmosphere of festival in summer. This latest track is multi-faceted that brings together the gloriously nostalgic synths, vibey half-time breaks, and an intense drop that is set to leave both future house and deep house lovers bouncing hard. An addictive track with many layers and unexpected twists, it commands a second listen.

As a DJ with three years experience, Sagan had his tracks played on some of the most prestigious radio shows including Hardwell On Air, Hexagon Radio and Heldeep Radio. His last success — Happiness — hit over one million views on Youtube. ‘A hidden gem’ — many used this phrase to describe both the DJ and the track. For those of you who don’t want to miss out, here is you way to discovery.