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MISS JANNI, who you might have heard as the lead vocal of Gravity Alterstra, just released a new spacy music video: LUCID Dreams! Supported by a serene beat from Dough-Boy and a trippy clip by Seanie Pictures, MISS J takes us on a post-break up melancholic voyage resembling a night out on hennessy.

There is in that song a pleasant contrast between lucidity and haziness which you will find in the arrangement, the different qualities of singing, and the music video itself. You will be taken on a clear path, and you will distinctly hear the sound of drops of water falling in a silent pool, and you will be stormed by the various effects, falling through endless stairs.

All in all, “LUCID Dreams” is well-made and probably has what it takes to be a pop-hit. We recommend that you give it a listen, and stay tuned on MISS JANI’s pages so that you don’t miss the next releases.

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