Dr. Eggs – Born to Perform

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With concerts all over the world, Dr. Eggs is a homegrown phenomenon that’s become a global sensation.

Post-punk electronica is a lot of fun. Which is why a Dr Eggs gig is so much fun. And they look really good. Joul is the lead singer, originally from France, and his guitarist, bassist and drummer are all local Hong Kong girls. If you go to any live gigs in the city, you’ll have seen them around.

Joul moved here from France about 10 years ago, but was surprised to discover that Hong Kong’s music scene in 2004 was more like Paris in 1984. “When I was looking for band members, I wanted to start playing this punk electronic stuff that I’d been doing in France, but I got so many guys who would only want to play Nirvana. It took me about two to three years to find the right people!”

As their manager as well, Joul has stylishly hustled and, looking at their tour calendar, they must be one of the most sought after, and busy, working bands in Hong Kong today. Between now and December, they’ve got 10 tour dates in Taiwan, Réunion, Madagascar, Korea, the Philippines and China. They’ll also be at Secret Island Party this October.

With the experience they have touring Asia, they have nothing but good words to say about their audiences. “When we play in China, Taiwan, even Nepal, the audiences are so good. They’re really open-minded, they love to discover our sound and they really get into it.” So much so that they always manage to sell dozens of their CDs after each gig. “It’s great for us, it’s respectful as well. You know, in China, they could easily just download our songs free, but it’s great to feel that the audience gets what you’re trying to do.” Of course, they’re veterans of the Hong Kong scene, but while they certainly have their fans, they have become sanguine about the city’s lack of interest in live music for the most part. “You know, people here they don’t mind spending $1000 on drinks in some club, but $100 to see a live band in an underground venue? Not so much.” But with their unflagging enthusiasm and stage energy, Dr. Eggs are better than club night.