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Have you ever wondered what it’ll be like to party for 11 days straight? Epizode Festival in Vietnam falls right in that category. The pristine island of Phu Quoc is home to the 11 day festival that headlines some of the hottest DJs on the charts, including but not limited to Luciano, Dixon, Dubfire and many more. A sequel to last year’s debut,  EPIZODE 2 exceeds its former predecessor, in terms of music performances and stage production. Plus, nobody can miss out on such a stunning view accompanied by round-the-clock live music for 10 whole days!

Why do you have to go to EPIZODE, you might ask? Well, to put things in easier terms, EPIZODE is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Asia, comparing itself as the “Burning Man of Asia”, from the 31st December to 10 January, 2017. Music lovers will be able to enjoy music from all around the world in all flavors and genres, and partying is not the only thing on the agenda, you can take a day to explore the exotic island of Phu Quoc or head over to the island’s water park or just soak up and relax in paradise surrounded by like-minded people and excellent music.    


What makes EPIZODE 2 the chronicle to look out for? The fact that the festival takes place on a taintless tropical island in Vietnam might just make it one of the most instagrammable festivals that’s going to last for 11 straight days. All social media kings and queens, this is a chance to spice up your feed. Not only at a social media level does it excel, the organizers have also reached out to many more internationally recognized DJs and music performers.

This is the best cure for the January Blues that many might experience. The cold harsh winter month that many come to dread as the holidays are long gone, EPIZODE is the best excuse for a week long holiday indulging in the sunshine islands of Vietnam.


This year EPIZODE brought HYTE’s first showcase to Asia, the Berlin- based brand is known for warehouse party events in the US and Europe, and their weekly events in party kingdom — Ibiza. For three days of the event, HYTE has hosted the main stage introducing to the crowd big names such as Loco Dice, Chris Liebing and Pan-Pot.

EPIZODE not only boasts international acts, but Asian as well. There is a stage dedicated to Asian music, the artists have been selected through various cities, the one representing Hong Kong is the city’s favourites Ocean Lam and Jo D. EPIZODE’s attention to include music from all around the world means that as audiences we get to enjoy various live performances with one ticket, which to be honest where you can find this great a deal?


Roustam Mirzoev (music director) mentioned in an interview with SCMP earlier last year that they are considering expanding to more parts of South-East Asia and Hong Kong is one of the possible candidates. Of course this means that we are getting a whole new EDM festival experience, but what worries us is whether or not, like other franchised festivals such as Road to ULTRA and Creamfields, that once the festival branches to urban forest locations the charm of partying with a nice view, escaping to music paradise might lose its original charm. Especially since they have such an extensive lineup and the whopping 11 days of partying established, will it be possible to replicate the same experience?


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