FRE4KNC & POSIJ sets to tour Asia for the first time – Hong Kong & more


Dutch D&B master, Fre4knc joins force with talented Posij as they set to tour Asia for the first time, starting June 1 in Hong Kong.

Fre4knc took to Twitter to announce the tour, as well as the tour dates being posted on his official page. The D&B Duo will be making their debut in Hong Kong, China, and several more countries in the region.

The whole Asia tour will last almost a month, with 8 shows in eight places, including Taipei, Vladivostok, Osaka, Tokyo, Shanghai, Tianjin and Kunming.

About Fre4knc

Fre4knc (pronounced “frequency”) is a Dutch DJ/producer steadily edging into the upper echelons of drum & bass. His highly technical production skills have picked up the ears of a number of the genre’s finest labels including Dispatch, Invisible Recordings and Samurai. His latest EP – Fre4knc – Systems 002 – just dropped on Critical. Featuring arguably his best work yet, it’s a five-track long smasher produced to an impeccably high standard.

About Posij

Posij is a Groningen based front runner in the new generation of bass music producers. His fresh, unique music shows, he is a producer who’s obsessive, talented and inspired. Posij has just released a new drum & bass EP on Critical Binary and has several upcoming releases with other renowned labels.

1 JUN | FRE4KNC & POSIJ Asia Tour – Hong Kong

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