“The World’s Smallest Nightclub” WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity


For the first time in music history, a live party will take place in zero gravity, breaking one of life’s very grounding laws.

Dubbed as “ The World’s Smallest Nightclub” WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity will be launching on 17th February, 2018, in cooperation with Frankfurt Airport.

Not only is the concept of partying in air the enticing and new, the 90-minute journey will be headlined by Armin Van Burren, Steve Aoki and W&W, providing a soundtrack to one of the most unique party experiences ever conceived.

But here’s the catch! Not everyone can join, only 20 lucky people (10 male and 10 female) from around the world can experience this rare occasion. Don’t give up on all hopes yet, you too can have a chance to join this selection process.

Just submit a 20 second application, describing why you can represent your country to join in this joyous event, to your own social media account with the hashtag #wcdZeroGraviity, as well as the official competition site, you might just get a chance to aboard the WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity.  

Party lovers, now is the time to turn up your charm and get your creative juices running, as spaces on that aircraft is super limited! BOOM wishes you all a good luck and remember to gives us a shoutout if you are selected!


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