Kathy Lam Studio x Splendid “Re-GEN.” Collection Launch


This coming Saturday 19th and Sunday 20thof May, the launch of the ‘Re-GEN’ clothing collection by Kathy Lam Studio in collaboration with the social enterprise Splendid Fashion will be held at BOOM LAB. It will be the occasion to discover the enterprises’ products, hear about themselves, their concepts and projects, and have a look at BOOM’s cosy new headquarter. The event will take place over the two days from 12 to 7 PM at SHOP 2A, 2-4 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Map’s link here.

‘Re-GEN’ means ‘re-generation’. The collection features a set of clothes crafted from ‘fashion wastes’ material, from out-of-trend products to ones that are obsolete, defective, or broken. By deconstructing and reassembling these disdained fabrics into new objects of fashion, their creators effectively endow them with a second life. But the rebirth does not stop here. Crafted by experienced middle-aged artisans in a movement of knowledge transmission to a younger generation of students, these clothes also illustrate the re-birth of cross-generational communication and trust in a world were few and fewer of such contacts take place.

Established in 2015, Kathy Lam Studio has developed an aesthetic centred on the blue and white two-tone colours, symbolizing their creator’s sentimentality. The brand was awarded Designer of the Year by Zalora. Learn more on www.kathylam.info.

Splendid Fashion federates a team of professional artisans of the garment industry. In addition to provide clothing services by experienced craftspersons, they have for purpose to contribute to the society by passing on their knowledge to younger generations and thus additionally became a technical training platform. Learn more on www.lok-kwan.org.hk.

More information about the event, visit here.

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