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Martijn van den Berg
International Brand Manager
@Tranmission Festival International

Transmission Festival Asia is returning to the metropolitan and buzzing hub of Trance Music in Asia — Bangkok, Thailand this 2018! Martijn van den Berg of Transmission International, sits down with BOOM to discuss the behind the scenes of Transmission Festival Asia, answering what many of you have in mind — what brings this particular celebration to Asia, and what surprises do they have install for us in this upcoming chapter of the Trance superhouse.

He describes the festival as being one of the most spectacular audio-visual dance experience for all music lovers. The festival prides itself in its ability to perfect the art of storytelling that audiences are promised to walk out with a renewed sense of how music festivals should be and should deliver, lifting the expectations from audiences, is it true that once you’ve experienced the Transmission way you can’t get back?

Martijn explains that the Trance community in Asia is growing rapidly in recent years, the whole interest in electronic dance music has been shining through, and becoming one of the most prominent music genres that is shown through the increasing expansion of International festival brands, especially to Thailand. Martijn comments on this phenomenon explaining that “Bangkok is centrally located and attracts many people who love Thailand, the Thai culture and Thai people.”

Each year Transmission Festival aims to create a new theme to accompany the year’s music celebrations, 2018 is the year of the spiritual recognition (Spirit of the Warrior), all aspects of the show leans toward highlighting the totems that builds a warrior, “explaining their believes and where they got their strengths from. We picked 6 warrior types and 6 virtues that define the warrior spirit.” Transmission hopes to echo “ all these virtues from deep within. [Where] audiences can master the courage and have unveiled the code to be able to conquer life.” The number six is also represented throughout the whole show including stage designs and the six dominant colors that you will see splattered in the whole arena.


(The six elements:  The honour of the Knights, the unity of the Spartans, the courage of the Vikings, the strength of the Maori, the vision of the Maya’s and the discipline of the Samurai)

Transmission Festival is known for their laser and light show, Martijn explains the importance of production value whilst creating the festival, “Many have no idea what it takes to create a show like that or are curious to see how its done…There is a lot of technics involved. We thought it was highest time to give people a look in the kitchen :)” We think that this is a genius way of engaging with the audiences in this day of age, long gone are all the mystery and unanswered question, the idea of transparency allows festivals to connect with their audience. It allows for a deeper understanding of the event, it gives something for the festival goers to look forward to and for hopefuls who wishes to dive into the entertaining business.

The Spirit of the Warrior

When asked what’s the highlight we can expect from the festival this year round, Martijn spilled some spoilers on what we can anticipate this March. There will be a new addition to the show, the new big opening show with live performance on stage by Driftmoon and Geronimo Snijtsheuve, completes the festival experience, with many big name Djs joining in on the fun, Martijn himself is most looking forward to seeing Key4050, HYDRA and Jordan Suckley. Let us know who you’re most looking forward to seeing play live at Transmission Festival Asia 2018 down in the comments!


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