Five Best Movie Soundtracks of 2017

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If movie gives us the experience of the protagonists, then the music in it underlies the important emotional landscape of the movie, it develops as the experience or the feelings go, building the tension that we may not be aware of, but nevertheless it exists. The power of music in movie is very often ignored.

We might not think that the music can make us weep or give us joy, but indeed it does. It amplifies our feelings toward the movie, and sometimes we may think that we love the movie solely because of the plot or how it’s delivered, but actually, music may have a contribution as well. As far as movie can be a culture icon, so can soundtracks. For example, we can’t possibly imagine the classic movie “Titanic” without the melancholy ‘My Heart Will Go On’. If anything, it boosts the tension in the movie, letting us swim in the pool of sentimental feelings.

Below are some of our favorite movie soundtracks from 2017, the music is diverse, so pick one, or better, all of them, to dive right in and have a listen.

Beauty and the Beast

Why we love it: Disney’s remake “Beauty and the Beast” not only adapted the beloved content, but the amazing soundtrack from its predecessor. Whether it’s classic favorites like ‘Something There’ and ‘Belle’ by Emma Watson, or other equally fascinating tracks in the soundtrack, this “Beauty and the Beast” wouldn’t garner such mass appeal without these wonderful tracks.

Best track: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by Emma Thompson

Wonder Woman  

Why we love it: Along with the marvellous plot and the stunning, aural landscape of the Italy island, no wonder “Wonder Woman” is well beloved by the global audience. This soundtrack make you want to kick the butt of the patriarchy and cheer because of the emotional self-awareness that you’ve just found. Written and composed by “Veep” ‘s Rupert Gregson-Williams, “Wonder Woman” ‘s soundtrack is epic, with the cathy pop track ‘To Be Human’ by Sia feat. Labrinth.

Best track: ‘To Be Human’ by Sia feat. Labrinth

The Greatest Showman

Why we love it: This blockbuster soundtrack makes us have no effort smiling with joy as the tracks play. There’s a magical synergy in the “The Greatest Showman”‘s soundtrack, and every character even has their own song, a special feature that many of us adore. Written by the charming songwriters from “La La Land”, this soundtrack is destined to be an instant hit.

‘Rewrite the Stars’ and ‘This is Me’ are top hits in iTunes and Spotify charts, and we’re honestly not surprised.

Best track: ‘Rewrite the Stars’ by Zac Efron and Zendaya


Why we love it: Pixar animation produces the biggest movies that always leave our face with tears, but let’s not forget how good and catchy their music is. “Coco” just can’t escape this tradition. The soundtrack is produced by “Frozen” songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, they write the beautiful music of a young Mexican who has been longing to be a musician.

Best track: ‘Remember Me’ by Gael García Bernal, Gabriella Flores, and Libertad García Fonzi

Blade Runner 2049

Why we love it: Before you complain that most of the soundtracks above are actually from musical movie, here’s another action movie whose soundtrack has landed the best five soundtrack of 2017. ‘Sea wall’ emerged just as the movie reached its peak, so plenty of fans love this track because of the tension it built. Besides that, let’s say there’re a whole lot more tracks in this soundtrack we love.

Best track: ‘Mesa’ by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch

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