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Last Saturday (9 Jun), Los Sotano was trying out a new concept, which can be summarized with two ideas: ‘free flow of high-end cocktails and snacks’ + ‘grime & hip-hop’. Guess what, that works just good.

Los Sotano, recently opened on LKF, makes itself a name for its latino vibe – you will have to press the shiny eyes of the calavera at the entrance to get in the bar – and its selection of unusual tequila cocktails and sophisticated Mexican snacks. However, they don’t envision to be just one more bar for people to kill down beers, chat a bit and move to a club. In the words of general manager Jordan Moss: ‘we aim to locate ourselves in-between a bar and a club; where people can enjoy tasty drinks and food as well as dancing and having a good time”.

It is in that perspective that Los Sotano organizes event like the one of Saturday, where one can find both cosy tables and cocktails, as well as thoughtful musical choices. If we appreciate the effort, we must note that it is not yet an absolute success. At the time of writing, the DJ stand lies at about the centre of the venue, in front of the entrance gate and between the bar and the tables. As a result, there is not much chance to hold a conversation like you would do in a bar, and too little of a space to dance all out like you would do in a club. In an event like this one where rappers performed live, the lack of stage have them rap on the pathway, which is not the ideal condition for them to give it all.

That being said, the general vibe of the bar makes it a cool place to be at, and we would recommend it. The staff is friendly, the bartenders skilled and patient: they really put efforts in the making of your cocktail! If Los Sotano is not fit to be a concert hall, they are definitely worth following for their DJ showcase and their menu!

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