[Holiday Alcohol Playlist] Pair Your Drink with This Ultimate Music Collection

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With the Christmas holiday around the corner, parties are popping up every week or so. 

Admit it: you’re confused about which music playlist to play along with your beer or wine, or you just sip it straight right without the spice of music. In this Christmas, with parties all over places, drinking shouldn’t be without music. After all, it’s all about mood.

Base on your drink preference, you can pair your choice of drink and music to get in the mood and experience the most relaxed moment!

Grab a bottle, pour a glass and have a listen to our very special playlist for ultimate indulgence!


Billy Joel – Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

This is a classic song for wines. Let’s imagine you sitting in a romantic Italian restaurant, sipping a glass of nice wine, enjoying the company of your partner. Billy Joel leads you to a cuisine journey in a traditional restaurant, isn’t it the perfect mood for drinking a classic wine?

Ed Sheeran – Drunk

Not many people will be drunk drinking only wine, but the vibe of Drunk matches with wine perfectly. Take a sip from your glass of wine, and listen to the sad lyrics and hum of Ed Sheeran. At least you’re not too lonely tonight.

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Christmas is approaching. Wine is always fabulous for any occasion, be it at dinner or party or in your bathtub. Let’s embrace this Christmas with this song while enjoying the taste of wine.


Laying back in a leather armchair, indulge yourself with a shot of whiskey and those soul-inspiring music.

Willie Nelson – Whiskey River

Let Willie Nelson’s silky voice takes your mind, like he sings in this song. You’ll soon emerge yourself with the melody and lyric and get lost with the whiskey clutched in your hand.

Holes – Celebrity Skin

Opt for a more uplifting song while sipping a strong whiskey, Celebrity Skin is your choice! This modern rock song matched with a light, floral taste of whiskey will serve you a night with hyper mood!

Rihanna – Cheers (Drink To that)

Here’s another upbeating song. But with Cheers, you should party wild while clutching the shot of whiskey in your hand. Shout out your cheers or complaints with Rihanna as she sings ‘Cheers to the freakin’ weekend’. Whether you’re partying,there’s always a reason to shout once in awhile!


Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

When the winding rhythm guitar comes in Astral Weeks, it is an excellent timing to slowly sip a dark beer. Cherish the warmth in your chest. Beer probably isn’t the most heart-warming drink, but with this song, your dark beer may have a shot in giving you a warm feeling.

Billie Holiday – The Very Thought of You

A classic song in many ways. This song actually can also be paired with Whiskey, for the blues it carries. This is a song for drinking alone, late at night, when you’re sad about your past or current days. You may find your inner soul echoes with The Very Thought of You.

Van Morrison – And It Stoned Me

We all know beer isn’t a strong drink, so probably it wouldn’t stone you. And It Stoned Me may stone your soul though, like it did to Van Morrison. Let the drink and song bring your blues away.

Here’s the Spotify playlist.

Now that we’ve got you covered on drinks by genre. No more time will be wasted on pairing your drink and music. Let’s indulge yourself!