This Town Needs Noize To Promote Local Talents


This Town Needs and The Void Nozie are collaborating to bring the biggest indie music showcase in Hong Kong titled “This Town Needs Noize”. This Town Needs Noize is a monthly music project with an aim to nurture local talent by providing a platform to unleash their creativity and foster long-term appreciation for local indie music with new insights.

The organizers said the initiative aims to showcase talents and make their voices heard in the local music scene. “This Town Needs Noize is another event to salute and promote young talents in Hong Kong to showcase and bring to the ears of our local people what the younger generation are creating, producing and putting out in terms of music genres to the public, the initiative was created to invite artists who have the passion in music and have them exposed”.

The event is scheduled for 1 July 2018 (Sunday), 7:30pm at TTN_  (This  Town  Needs__)   1F, Commercial Accommodation, Ocean One, 6 Sheung Shun Street, Yau Tong, Kownloon. The ticket is now available online @ for $120 ADV, $150 Door. The lineup of the first round of This Town Need Noize is out and it includes;

Bones of Rakshasa

Rakshasa symbolises destruction and misfortune. They are the cannibal devil. Bones of Rakshasa’s music reflects the dark side of our society. Quick Check!


Calendula is a singer and songwriter. Solo, negative but like staying real all the time. Quick Check!


The indie-pop 4-piece was formed in April 2018 with 3 boys and one girl. It will be their first ever performance at This Town Needs Noize. Quick Check! (First show ever)

12.8  Twelve.Eight.

12.8 is a Brit-rock, uplifting, groovy and compassionate band.

Check them out here:

All musicians are invited to submit their demo to This Town Needs Noize to be selected for performing at the monthly music showcase. They hope to see you all at This Town Needs, to enjoy and re-discover our music scene with a new eye.


Send your music to [email protected]

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