Instagram Star Lil Miquela: Is She a Real or Fake Pop Singer?

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The prominence of Instagram has ‘made’ a person popular merely by followers on the social media app. Insta-famous individuals, like Lil Miquela, appears to have a perfect life. She posts those cute selfies, parties in the right place and shows off her designer clothes fastidiously positioned. The virtual artist has appeared in social media since last year, and has been taken notice by the whole world. She has around 607,000 Instagram followers and press like The Washington Post have dug about her ever since her followers come skyrocketing.

The 20-year-old girl life seems so ideal that many are unclear about the line of fantasy and reality of her existence. Below her photos, hundreds of users repeatedly left questions  —  Is she real or fake?” Though the answer is remained speculative.

Lil Miquela reveals her debut single ‘Not Mine’ in August last year, which is streamed up to 360,000 clicks on Youtube as of today. The catchy pop fuses with R&B with a downtempo and solid groove, it’s Miquela first attempt at becoming a pop star. The single is self-released, written by Miquela herself, according to her Instagram post. Despite her debut release, plenty still doubt whether she’s a sim or the real deal.

‘It’s just the beginning things to come,’ wrote by a press last year as the debut track came out. Indeed, the statement is now proved solid. Earlier this year, Miquela unveiled another track ‘You Should Be Alone’. Similar with ‘Not Mine’, this song is crooned with auto-tuning and uplifting beats. Since the release in late-January, it’s hit nearly to 28,000 views on Youtube. Now her fans are expecting an EP or album.

Let’s sit back and wait, shall we?

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