【Backstage】Lauren Engël @ Photographer & Content Creator [Part III]

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It’s the last instalment of 【Backstage】 with Lauren Engël, our talk is coming to an end, but never with a dull moment. Lauren is known for her creative mind and trend-setting social media posts, here, we discuss the lesser known facts of her professional career, the side of her that people might not see on a daily basis, and the goals that she is about to set for the New Year!


What’s your favourite way to break the ice?

I’m very shy an introverted, and i actually use my skill as a photographer to help me with this, I take a photo of the person that I would like to approach, to show them and as a way to start the conversation.

How would you describe your job/ daily work?

I work full time with HYPEBEAST, its a 9-6 job, and outside of it I also like to vlog, do photoshoots, so it’s very draining on the weekdays, but on the weekends I try to wind down and spend some quality time with the family.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution for 2017?

My resolution is to get better at what I’m doing, I hope that Sidewalk Talks could branch out internationally and follow me when I go travelling. I also want to improve my video content, to tap into the industry of social media, and improve all my skills and take it to the next level!

– The End –

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