BOOM INTERVIEW: Dennis Probert

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back to myBOOM catches up with Dennis Probert in preparation for his guest appearance at OZONE’s second installment of Classic Disco/Deep House night ‘Back To My Roots’ this Saturday.  Dennis co-hosts the popular ‘Ghetto Disco’ show on Groove City Radio, and has been one of the pioneers of the modern disco/re-edit scene.


Can you make any comparisons between Edinburgh and Hong Kong?

One obvious difference is the tempo preference, it seems like a lot of venues get the bmp high early and keep it there or take it even higher in Hong Kong. Edinburgh definitely seems to keep things a little bit less frantic but I guess that’s a reflection of the different pace of life!

Who do you find make up the majority of your audience in Edinburgh?  Students?

Really depends on the venue but living in a small town with 4 universities it’s kind of inevitable that a lot of students are out and about in the music venues. What I love about a student crowd is their openness to dancing to music they’ve never heard before – probably as they’re always drunk.

What’s your favourite track to play?

My favourite track to play changes every week as I hear new music but for sure there are some perennial favourites.  One track I never tire of is That Night by Jazzanova with Victor Duplaix.

Do you think a DJs mood can affect the crowd?

The DJs mood makes a huge difference and anyone that disagrees is wrong, end of.

Will this be the highest gig of your life?

Absolutely, it’s 119 floors above where you can normally find me.

What’s the difference between a good song and good sex?

Not much.

Which two genres do you think complement each other the most?

Disco and deep house

What has been the worst ever gig you’ve done?

Anywhere with a shitty sound system, don’t want to name and shame

You have been described as an ‘obsessive record collector’.  Which records are worth paying the most money for?  Have you ever been ripped off?  Which record is your absolute favourite to own?

Records in limited supply that you won’t get bored of, I recently paid almost £300 for a record I never received but luckily PayPal refunded me. My favourite record to own is probably too old for most of your audience to know but Dance Your Blues Away by Ivan Neville wins the prize – the message is in the music.


More information on Saturday’s event can be found [here]