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NLNL InterviewBOOM had a quick chat with No Lights No Lycra to find out a bit more about their dancing in the dark session at XXX next Tuesday…



NLNL has established itself in cities across the world like Shanghai and New York.  What brings it to Hong Kong?

Dancing is universal! Hong Kong does like to party but we wanted to create a space for people to come, let go and lose themselves in the music – without caring what they look like. Plus Hong Kong apartments are small…waving your arms around in a tiny studio… you might just break something

In which city do the events tend to be the busiest?

NLNL started in Melbourne – so as the birthplace of NLNL, their dances are big.

Should NLNL be treated as a workout or a social event?

Completely up to you! We’re not going to harp on about the health benefits of dancing or make this a scary exercise event; it’s just a bit of fun! You can come by yourself if you like – you’re sure to make friends. We have a strict policy about being nice to fellow dancers.

How did NLNL come about selecting Tiny Toones Cambodia as their choice of charity this year?

We met Bobby Tse of Sowers Exchange, (a Hong Kong-based social enterprise focused on providing sustainable solutions to companies and individuals who want to establish or expand their Social Impact Initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.) who put us in touch with Tiny Toones. We were looking for a grassroots charity that was linked to dancing and Tiny Toones is perfect!

What music can we expect?

Anything that makes you want to move. Beats, rhythms, hits – whatever makes you feel the music in ya!

Will we be able to see the DJ or is it totally in the darkness?

There will be no DJ to see – we have a playlist organised. But hopefully down the line we’ll invite some DJs along to spin some funky tunes. But – even then, it’s still going to be dark – so you still might not be able to see him.

“NLNL encourages dancers to dance individually without physical contact.” Is this to prevent unwanted fondling and butt grabbing or is there another reason?

Whereas I think we’d all do a great rendition of the final scene in Footloose – this is to make sure people get in their own zone and lose themselves in the music. It’s important to feel like you can surrender yourself to the situation without being worried about knocking into others 

What is the best comment you’ve heard from someone about these events?

“I go to NLNL because I feel safe, free and alive. I could have had the worst day and every time I leave with a smile on my face. I have finally found a place to let loose with my bad dance moves and no one judges me. I actually feel bad dancing is embraced.”

Are you never tempted to turn on the lights halfway through to see what crazy moves everyone will be rocking?

Lights come on for the last track – which is a slow one, to encourage stretching and cool down. We think there will be some sheepish grins and sweaty faces that will show which people rocked the hardest. (Proud sweaty faces, just to be clear.)

Five tracks we should listen to in order to get ourselves prepared and practise our moves?

Madonna, Prince, Nelly, SNAP! and Robyn.

See you at XXX on Tuesday!


More information about the event can be found [here]