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Thomas Gold, the German wunderkind of progressive house, is playing for one night only at dragon-i on Saturday 1st March. BOOM had a chat with him during his current Asian tour.


The House/Electronic scene in Berlin must be extremely competitive.  How did you get your foot in the door

It may sound funny but actually I do not play shows in Berlin. Although I love the scene, it is much more techno and minimal driven which is completely different to what I usually play. But that’s something I really enjoy when going out in Berlin. Whenever I have a few days off, I love to go to the clubs and experience the vibe of this scene.

If you had the chance to play one track live to the entire world, which track would it be and why?

Actually, it might be one of my own tracks, called Sing2Me. This track really means the world to me, it took me quite a while to finish it and I loved to work out every detail of it. Additionally, it was my first original release on Axtone Records which made this track an even bigger step in my musical career. To this day, I still play it in every single one of my sets and it still has the same incredible impact on me. This all might sound a but ‘smug’, but sometimes you build a very special and strong connection to your music and relive that every time you hear it.

Your remix of Adeles Set Fire To The Rainwas extremely popular do you think its important that DJs remix popular songs as well as creating their own?

I think it can help a lot to get awareness from people who maybe would not get in touch with your music the ordinary way. Remixing someone like Adele can connect you to those people, because they will recognise the original. But I don’t think that it is a “must” – the most important thing still is that you constantly put out your very own music to become popular. Remixes are a good thing for producers as they give you an opportunity to go with a different approach. You have an initial point, a piece of music or vocal existing which you can use as a start for the remix. I personally love doing both – as long as I really ‘feel’ the original track, I’m always up for doing a nice remix.

You have almost half a million likeson Facebook.  Would you ever use your influence over people for anything other than music?

If it would be for a good purpose like a charity thing – why not!

Out of Taipei, Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok and Singapore, which city has had the craziest audience?  Did you have any trouble with the protests in Bangkok?

Bangkok was all good, we did not have any issues regarding the protests. We stayed away from the hot spots. So far I’ve done shows in Taipei, Tokyo, Manila and Bangkok and I think Tokyo was the craziest so far – everybody was jumping all the time and it was like an indoor festival!

How has the reception of your music in Asia compared to back home and the US?

It was amazing! I could not really tell a big difference, it seems to me that people nowadays are crazy about this music everywhere in the world – which is a great thing! Good to see that music connects fans and friends from all over the globe!