A Chat with the [email protected] Champion – DJ Blaze

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“DJing has always felt like something I need to do.”

The world of DJ-ing in Hong Kong has always been some sort of mysterious/ fantasised realm within the city that most would not contemplate in even trying to place themselves within this secret circle of rhythmic creators. To simply dissect the term DJ is not a simple task, contradictory to many beliefs, they are not only the “guy who plays the music”, it takes time for the person to learn the skill of scratching and mixing, the effort in preparing materials for their set, the uncounted hours in listening to various music and samples, the list goes on and on. For all who want to know what happens behind the scenes, what builds a DJ, and what are some of the must-haves qualities that would transcend you into this whirlwind world of remixing, scratching, and sampling. We talked with DJ Blaze the winner of [email protected] to dissect the mind of a music magician.

[email protected] «DJ Edition», taps right into this mysterious world of beats and music, encouraging all dream seekers to step onto the stage and show us all we got! The mission of this battle is not to simply seek out who can produce the sickest beats or just to see who has the better skills over who, instead it is a process for all the contesters to learn from one another, to better themselves as a musician and to take the battle as a testament to put their assets to test. BOOM believes that it is through the stream of communication, to learn from each other, and more importantly to expand each and others’ circle of acknowledgment that synergy occurs.


The first response to winning the battle for DJ Blaze is that it “feels good! If enter a competition, I want to win, so mission accomplished!” It could all be traced back to Canada where DJ RES was the main influencer, “ I remember just being mesmerized watching him scratch, juggle, and blend; I was hooked!” This little segment in his life brought out his mission in life that no one has expected, not even his friends.

We admire the determination and sureness of DJ Blaze, he practiced on his own listening to different DJ’s play their sets and slowly branching out to different scenes, absorbing the culture of music along the way to build his own repertoire. He further encourages any hopefuls out there with this tidbit of advice, “the more you practice, the more you play in crowds that’s how you come up with your own little sound” The world of DJ as said before is a circle of support, there is no one right way to tap into the scene, you have to reach out to people and get involved, however it is important not to forget to stay true to yourself “remember to put the music first. Tricks need to come second. Select tracks you love and let us hear your personality come out in your set” Dj Blaze adds.

Sounds could vary in many different forms and genres, to find you own very style might take as much time as dedication to discover and rise to perfection. Hip-Hop being one of his favourite genres, you can sure catch a lot of references to the heavy beat drops and the clean cut tones of music intertwining with one another, paired with the smooth transition from song to song. The whole set sounds as if it was produced as one long track, linking between music, tone and style, the manipulation of sound cleverly controls the atmosphere of the room and more importantly the flow that leads the crowds. To get the crowd going is not an easy task, to impress the judges might even be the impossible challenge, but DJ Blaze stood up on the plate and confidently faced it like a warrior.


This would not be as easy if it were not for his partner in crime — DJ King GNS, paired as a team in the battle, they both acknowledge and respect their similar musical taste and attitude towards music, naturally bonds the two and quickly became the rock for one another when ideas lack and creativity slows. The two hope that there could be more chances to play together, it was “great to link up with King GNS and put together that little cowbell routine. If we had more time, I wished we could have put together a four turntable set” and that would be what we are looking forward to in the new year!

Speaking of future plans, DJ Blaze is not stopping down any minute in the world of competitions and playing music. Noticing that Hong Kong lacks a culture and understanding for the sport, DJ Blaze wishes that it could get more exposure and be seen as a recognised musical production rather than the misconception that is spread around the city right now. “The plan is to enter the Redbull 3 Styles worlds next year and represent Hong Kong. It’s going to take a lot of dedication and practice but it can be done!” We hope for all the best to DJ Blaze in his future plans and once again congratulate him in winning this year’s Boom Battle!


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