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Korea has always been known for it’s K-Pop and idol culture, other lesser known genres have been hidden in the underground scene. Or they take another route and travel to places that welcomes the diversity of music, and that’s the route Korean Punk/ Rock band DTSQ took. As a successful candidate as one of the resident bands of House of Vans Korea, the group then took their music to Europe and expanded their fan base through various music festivals and live house shows.

As they are about to approach Hong Kong for their show at House of Vans Hong Kong this Friday, we had the chance to interview the four, get to know more about their musical background and inspirations before listening to them live on stage Friday night!

Starting off with a very cliched question, what does DTSQ stand for?  

It stands for Delta Sequence. There’s no any special meaning though. When we try to make our band name, we were listening the album ‘Delta Machine’ by Depeche Mode. So we thought ‘Delta’ is sick. So we just add ‘Sequence’ after ‘Delta’ because connotation was good.


How did you all start the band, what drove you to choose music as your career?

In my case, I started playing guitar when I was 16. I’ve listened a lot of good records such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix while I’m growing up because of my mom. She is huge fan of rock music. I think that led me to choose music.

What were some of your music influences, any particular artists or bands?

We have so many influences. punk, electronic music, blues, jazz, pop and  such. But these days we got a lot of influences from some bands from Australia. Such as Pond, Tame Impala, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard. Their music is very creative.

Rock/ Punk music doesn’t seem to be the mainstream choice of musical performance, how do you view the music scene around Korea .

I think that situation is the same in Korea. Rock music is definitely not in the mainstream but I believe that it’s not a problem of genre. Good music is always good.

How would you describe your own music style?

DTSQ is a strong cocktail with heavy shots of various genres such as blues, punk, electronic, psychedelic, jazz and pop. We play neon-colored music.

Are there any other punk rock bands in Korea that are hidden that we should know about?

Dead Buttons, Akua, Land Of Peace, National Pigeon Unity, Iansoph, Life and Time, Ssing Ssing, NST & The Soul Sauce

They’re not just punk bands but they play good music.

Having been representing Vans Korea, how do you feel about coming to Hong Kong this time?

This will be our first-time visit to Hong Kong. We’re really excited. We’re looking forward to eating a variety of desserts.

Having been to Liverpool’s Sound of the City, and performed in Korea, do you feel that the crowds are different in different places?

Yeah, I think they’re different. UK people have their own a solid taste of music. They understand what we try to do.

What can the crowd in Hong Kong expect with your upcoming performance?

Our music is weird sometimes but it’s beautiful sometimes. Don’t panic no matter what music we play. Just listen and enjoy.

Any exciting future plans that you can share with us?

Our upcoming album will be out on 31st, December. Of course we’re playing some some songs from the album at House of Vans Hong Kong!

House of Vans Hong Kong
Date: 6th –  7th October, 2017
Venue: Central Harbour Front

Remember to catch DTSQ on the 6th October, centre stage at House of Vans Hong Kong!