Classified Chit Chat: Dyro

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DJ Dyro is not an unfamiliar name to all electronic music lovers, having been on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list ranking 3 years on the run, this young blood in the music scene has been starting up his own label, creating new styles of music and discovering the new opportunities that allows him to bring the industry forward. In the mist of his journey to China, we have been able to catch up with Dyro to discuss about his musical journey, future plans and aspirations.


Tell us about your own imprint WOLV, what was the idea behind creating it? And how has it changed your music production?

I started WOLV to have my own platform and support new guys. Dudes that were killing it but not getting the exposure. Plus, some of the tunes I was sent were straight up fire. With WOLV I can have my own plan, my own agenda, not have to answer to anyone and work with a group of guys that I believe in.

Are you looking forward to visiting China, is there anything that you will be expecting?

Asia is one of my favorite places, especially China, I’m excited to play Sail Music Festival and spend some time in Chanshu. Planning on grabbing some dope food as soon as I land.

Is there something special in your set that you are going to play in China?

I’m pumped to play out my new material. Me and my team have been preparing, rebranding, working hard. I have about 8/9 tracks finished and ready to go and my collab with Goja will be released early 2017, hope the Asian fans enjoy the previews at the shows!

Do you have a certain taste for a specific music genre? What do you most enjoy listening to?

I listen to old school hip-hop, trap, electro, dubstep which I think you can really hear in my new music. I like the darker, dirtier sounds.

What’s your current style of music? How do you find exploring new styles of music?

I would say I’m a mix of the genres above. Apart from guys I’m fans of like Noisia, Goja, Skrillex, I listen to a lot of tracks that me and my label manager get sent to us but I also search Soundcloud and social media for new music, fresh artists.

What is the major break that you count for as to making you such big hit in the EDM scene now?

I don’t know what I would count as a “major break”. Hard work and determination was important and paid off in a big way for me. Working with people in my teams that have the same vision is also a big thing, which I’ve developed across this year. It all comes from yourself, if you want to make something work, you have to be dedicated.

Does being in Amsterdam help in shaping your career? How would you describe the culture in Amsterdam?

Being in Amsterdam did help, a big city is the best place to put yourself out there but because so many Dutch DJ’s and producers come from here, it can be harder to make yourself stand out. The culture of Amsterdam is creative, I love the city.

What are some of the latest music that inspires you or you wish to introduce to our readers?

Loopers is killing it, we’ve released his tracks on WOLV and everything he sends me blows my mind.

Check out Dyro’s playlist on Spotify

What are your upcoming plans? Are you looking forward to the year of 2017?

I’ve been working harder than I ever have on new music. Like I said, we’re looking to release the new material at some point in January. Some of the fans have already noticed the new tracks in my live sets. One that’s been ID’d as ‘Robotbass’ has got everyone pumped. It’s taken some time to get everything in place with my team but it will be worth the wait, I promise.

DJ Dyro will be performing in Chanshu, Club Zeus 11th & 12th November, remember to catch his set live!