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BOOM talked with George Maple before as an “Act To Lookout For” just around a year ago, we are very happy to revisit with the Australian producer and talk about her latest album Lover. Maple has been jetting off around the world, showcasing her amazing talents and sick beats. She will also be supporting Lorde in her upcoming tour, together with the release of her new album, Maple sure has her hands full for the year 2018!

As if she couldn’t get any more busier, George Maple also has her own World Tour lined up, including an Asian Leg! We were very lucky to catch up with her to talk about the inspirations behind her new album, talk behind the scenes and exciting future plans that might or not might not include her coming to visit Hong Kong for the first time!

Let’s talk about your new album “Lover”, what’s the main concept behind this album

This album is a series of intimate events.
I am fascinated by the human condition, I hope to constantly be evolving and adapting to the world around me, taking inspiration from everyone and everything. It changes from day to day but this record is inspired by my obsession with intimacy and closeness in humans. It explores the various shades of grey around human intimacy. The album journeys through my own experiences and observations across the last 3 years of my life.

It’s been awhile since you have been active on the musical scene, how was the progress on creating “Lover” ?

Haha! yes it has been a while, I’m very glad it is being released out into the world. The process was complex and ever evolving, similar to everyday life. Many countries, studios, re-edits, the list goes on, but we got there in the end and the finished result is something I’m very, very proud of.

How would you describe the vibe of this new album in your own words.

This album is an ‘exploration of intimacy’. Sonically I like to think this album is ’80s strip club cinematic’

What is your favourite track in this new album?

“Hero”; I’m so glad this became the lead single as it’s really special to me. I wrote it from a place of complete vulnerability and openness. I feel it is technically my best writing to date, sonically I don’t get sick of it and I’m just really proud of the songwriting.

You’re known for your live performances how is it different from recording in a studio? Which do you enjoy more?

Oh that’s nice 🙂 I think it’s almost like creating a new narrative. When I’m building a live show I’m thinking about energy, about drama, about the performance and how I can create a new form of energy for the people in the audience. I enjoy both equally; each place allows me to express a different part of my psyche.

You’ve also planned an asia tour this year, are you excited to come to asia, what are you expecting?

I am SO excited, I’ve been fascinated with parts of Asia for a really long time and I can’t wait to finally explore it. I haven’t had the opportunity up until now so I can’t wait to explore it and really experience everything it has to offer.

Are there any Asian artists that you like or would like to collaborate with?

G Dragon! CL as well. They are both artists I really admire. I’d love to get in the studio with them and see what we could come up with together.

Any new exciting plans that you can tell us about?

The album release on 27th October is pretty exciting! <3 Also I’m going to be supporting Lorde on tour in Australia and New Zealand so I’m hectic in rehearsals right now putting together a brand new stage show.

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