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Sónar Hong Kong 2018 is about to kick off this weekend (17th March), this marks the second edition to the Barcelona technology powerhouse returning to Hong Kong Science Park. Known for its revolutionary findings in all things technology and techno music, Sonar has been the one of the first festivals that explored outside the world of music, combining academic research on digital culture and visual arts, this is the all-in-one event that you have to attend!

In light of knowing French techno leader Laurent Garner will be headlining this year’s 25th anniversary event, BOOM has had the chance to talk with the techno chief about his thoughts on techno music throughout the years and how has Sonar benefited the world of technology, arts and culture.   

Has living in the UK growing up impacted a lot on your music production?

Living in such strong music led country between the teenage years have made great influence on me, huge impact.

What was the main influence on choosing techno house as your main musical genre?

When I was fourteen the music that listen to were not that great, I was listening to a lot of different things, I was very eclectic back then, jazz and blues I discovered later. In hindsight it makes sense because there’s a connection between your life and the music that you listen to.

The reason why I jumped into techno house is because the roots of this music is a lot of different things: disco jazz new wave a lot of genres that has branched out to create techno. I love that it’s a mixture of a lot of things. House has become my main genre because it has all the essence of everything I like.

What is the biggest difference in techno house music throughout the years, you’ve been active in the industry?

Nothing’s new to be honest, artists are reproducing what was already fashionable 15 years ago, there’s not much fresh sounds. Maybe we heard so many different things we just went around the circle once. As long as the music is good , nothing is boring. I don’t think that only new types of music can be good music.

What is the reason behind slowing down and lessening your workload?

I want my work to be exciting and fresh, minimising my work load is simply keeping my work fresh to the audience. I want to still enjoy what I do not get bored. Sometimes too much can spoil the fun.

What is your personal views on Sónar?

Sonar is one of THE event to go to.  it’s one of the place you discover, half the time I don’t know which artists are going perform, and every year it amazes me what people can do and create.

How about Hong Kong?

My perception of Hong Kong is still to little for me to make any predictions, I don’t know anything about it and I’m ver looking forward to seeing what the city will bring me!

Is there something new coming our way to Sónar Hong Kong 2018?

I might have something new, but I have yet to work on it, it’s a surprise for everyone. Stay tuned for something new coming your way!

Don’t miss Laurent’s closing set at SonarClub! Get your tickets here.

Justin Sweeting @ Sónar HK 2018

Sónar Hong Kong 2018

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