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Come to think of Russian music, many would link it back to Classical music and cultural folklore that circulates around the population of Russia. Out of all the bands that have been trying to reach for an international music status, Motorama has secured a significant place in the international music charts. BOOM was very lucky to talk to the trio who infamously was known to avoid press and interviews. To discuss the details of their success, the how-to when it comes to starting your own band in a town with lesser musical background, the whens in terms of gaining success and the what-ifs for the future, to get a deeper insight into the band that rocked the musical scenes of Europe and America!

Indie bands have the same formula?

As a post-soviet guitar pop group that features English lyrics and vocals, it’s safe to identify it as an indie band. Compared to more mainstream groups, indie bands sometimes gets a rougher start. Motorama sure did face with the same patchy start, but their hard work did pay off in results of securing a place with a record label that changed their paths of their careers.

However, the band claims to have a different outlook towards music than most others, “It was not a career, actually, and it’s still not. We had normal day jobs and music was a hobby, now I can only write songs and play concerts with three different bands and make a living out of it. This music story somehow worked out for me, but it wasn’t my aim, I’m interested in different spheres.” This somehow restrictive form of categorizing their own success, reflects how Motorama treats music as a whole, their interest is what drives them to creating more tracks, instead of a mere contract with the music label. 

In the beginning vs. In the spotlight

The band was formed many years ago, and has seen some changes in the dynamics and the way of creative process, when asked about how they view this change the band claims that “It was created long time ago from the very beginning with another members. Now it’s more like a duo, I write songs, Max mix them and we play them together with the drummer. And from the start the main thing was to write songs, to fix ideas in melodies and words.”

The change in members and group dynamics was not the only thing that changed prior to their second full-length “Calendar” (2012) Motorama was still a wonderfully kept secret from the mainstream music scene, until French label Talitres signed them. Motorama claims that “with the label you have vinyls, cds, cassettes etc. And your label promotes these items in stores, online and so on, so new people can discover your tunes.” No wonder they have been such a success throughout their Europe tours and now coming to Hong Kong for the first time!
First time to Asia

Motorama sounds ecstatic to be coming over to Asia for the first time, assuring to the fans in Hong Kong to expect their performance to be exactly what you have been picturing in your minds and being portrayed within their music videos “three guys playing sad songs”. Other than their upcoming show in Hong Kong, Motorama also leaked that they are in the process of producing a new abum Утро and new songs by «Лето в городе» , our two side-projects. We are also in the process of making a new video for Motorama.

We are sure that the live performance will be much more than their short description we look forward to seeing them playing live this Friday at MoM Livehouse!

Show Details:
Ticket: HKD280
Date: 22 September 2017 (Friday)
Time: 20:00 – 23:00
Venue: MOM Livehouse –
Address: B39 , Seven Seas Shopping Centre,
113-121 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Guest Opening: Black Coffee 黑咖啡