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How often do you find a singer incorporates art into music, all created by herself/himself? Well, the chance may be rare; but you’re lucky to stumble upon Kuoko, the Japanese multi-artist whose music is the unique combination of Japanese art, pop culture, and electronic pop. The one in a million artist and songwriter-singer not only blends art and music together, but presents her music in a special way that’s captivating and fresh, capturing numerous hearts of electro-music fans.

Jasmina Quach, whose stage name is Kuoko, produces electronic music completely by herself yet manages to create a dreamy vibe in her music with merely her voice and acoustic instruments like guitar. The Japanese singer is mainly committed to electronic pop music, writing, singing, recording and composing songs at home with bare devices like computer for production. Yet, from the music video Seeker, Finder, Keeper’ she released earlier, she shows that she’s clearly a pro in music, music production and art.

BOOM was very lucky to have a chance to talk with Kuoko about her latest track and its stunning MV, her journey in music production and arts, her upcoming music experiments and a lot more!

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The filming method of the ‘Seeker, Finder, Keeper’ MV is quite special. How did you and the director come to this decision?

Niklas Zeiner the director and I had the idea of turning everyday places like the launderette into stage-like settings, with much space for details and gentle movements. That creates room for the Kung Fu performance and the outfits, that I made myself. The slow motion effect adds up to the impression of a world in which time stands still.

What’s the message behind your latest track ‘Seeker, Finder, Keeper’?

‘Seeker, Finder, Keeper’ is a story about living in a ghost town, a place that doesn’t really exist anymore. It’s about holding onto it as if in a state of survival. The song is about moving on to something greater, about learning to be brave and let go.

As an indie songwriter and singer, what do you find the most challenging?

To keep myself organized and stay focused in a world of emails and messages. I once fled into a cabin in the woods to make music for a week, I need to do that again sometime.

Your sense of music and art is obviously strong. How did you discover your interest in them?

Thank you! I started making music as a teenager. First I learned to play the guitar and sang in a hardrock band but quickly shifted over to recording my own music, where I developed an interest for electronic music. As for art, I think that japanese pop culture, anime and video games always played an important part. Like in music, my interests and inspirations have been shifting since.

While focusing on Electro Pop, will you experiment other music styles or genres into your own style? Why?

I think electro pop itself is a huge field in which you really can do what you want. Working at a record store I am constantly surrounded by all styles of music, which is very inspiring and helps me open up more to different genres that I haven’t listened to before so much, like jazz. One day I have to take all these records and sample the hell out of them.

Any more exciting news in this year?

On July 6th I will release my EP “Lost Woods” on Kabul Fire Records !

Could you make a playlist you recommend for our reader?



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