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Talent-spotted by MSTRKRFT and Steve Aoki thanks to his big room party tracks, Felix Cartal has in a short few years become a go-to name in many an international DJ’s grab-bag of tunes. Used by Diplo, Laidback Luke, Hardwell and Congorock, to name a few, Cartal’s tracks have earned him a prestigious Juno Award for Best Dance Recording. His festival appearances have garnered him hundreds of thousands of fans around the world not only for his excellent track selection, but also for the full-featured visual show he’s developed to accompany his sets. Ahead of his appearance at FLY tonight, BOOM checked in with him and popped him a few questions:

At what point do you feel satisfied with a production?

I think it’s always hard to be 100% satisfied with something, more often than not, deadlines are the reason a mix is finished for me. I think finding and always wanting to improve on small details is what makes me continue to do this though, i’m always on the hunt for a “perfect mix,” whether or not that actually exists…. i’m not quite sure.

What elements of music do you like to have in your tracks?

It must be hooky and catchy, as quickly as possible. Lately i’ve been trying to ‘get to the chorus’ as fast as possible. I think it’s impressive when u can get to a hook extremely fast while it still feels natural. This is strong songwriting to me.

How do you pick which vocalists to work with?

Almost every vocalist I’ve worked with as of late has been a strong songwriter. I think this is important because I want to learn from them, and hopefully they can learn something from me. That to me is what a true collaboration is.

Which is your favourite track to play live?

Britney Spears – Toxic.

Who is your favourite emerging artist?

I really like Galantis, Charli XCX and Sohn.

How easy is it for you to create music while on tour?

It’s hard to be honest. I’m not as mobile as I used to be. I can start ideas, but ultimately I have to finish the track at home in my studio. I need the monitors to mix properly!

Do you have any guilty pleasures musically?

Not really, I don’t feel guilty listening to something that I enjoy.

If you could have written the soundtrack for any film, which would it be?

Something like Lost In Translation. I think the melodramatic mood of this film would be a real challenge, and it would be hard to remain understated to compliment the vibe of the film.

What brings you to Hong Kong?

I’ll be playing at Club FLY on thursday. I’m very excited, I’ve never been to Hong Kong before.

Which city has had the craziest audience?

El Paso! They are amazing there. So energetic.

Is there an unexpected genre of dance music you’d like to dip into at some point in your life?

Maybe some techno : )

[Credits EP]
[Ready For Love remixes]
[Latest weekend workout]
[Young Love]



Event: EDMFreaks x FLY present CLUB NEON ft. FELIX CARTAL
Date: Thursday 18th September 2014
Time: 10PM
Venue: FLY Hong Kong
Tickets: HKD150