【Mixer】The Creative Communication Between HARIZ & Zookëper | OVRBRD

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“OVRBRD” itself is an emotionally filled track with heartfelt lyrics. Originally set in a slower pace, portraying a desperate situation where one has to find the best way out without destroying all. Zookëper took the track and added some catchy riffs that changes up the vibe of the song, turning it into a less intense punch of music, changing up the tone completely into a catchy track. breaking the intense bridges by adding some baseline punches to lighten up the mood.

We interviewed both eh original creator and the remixer to see what goes on within these musical minds to find out what goes on within the creative process and how they think of each other!

What inspired you to remix HARIZ’s track into something more flowy and upbeat?

My manager sent me the acapella and I needed a little break from working on house tracks, so I took a day and just had some fun with it. I didn’t think it would ever get released.

How does the process of remixing a song usually consists of?

Typically I start a remix by just loading the vocals into a session and playing some piano chords for a while until something sticks. I also make an effort to not listen to the original song beforehand (if possible). I think it’s more fun like that.

Have you met with HARIZ before? Would you like to share a stage with him?

I’ve never met Hariz! I’m sure we will soon, it would be awesome to have him come sing the song live at one of my shows.

What are your upcoming plans? Any exciting plans that you can tell our readers?

A lot of releases coming up, some proper label releases as well as some free downloads and bootlegs!


What’s the meaning behind ‘OVRBRD’, is there something you want to portray?

The message in OVRBRD portrays how sometimes the best thing to do is to step up and move on from a destructive situation, where we feel broken and lost, because it’s the right thing to do for the benefit of both.

What do you think about Zookëper’s remix of your track?

I think the remix is hot! The track just lights something up within you and you can’t help but groove. The song’s message is the same as the original track, but this production makes you want to dance while your singing it. It was a fun collaboration with Zookeper, and his remix is definitely an awesome vibe.