New Act to Look Out for: Australian Producer Jyye

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Jyye, 21 years old producer based in Melbourne, has been craving a niche of adding sound into Australian dance scene. He experiments with deep house, pop and EDM to create a sound that’s very much in his own lane. Earlier this month, Jyye unveils his latest release ‘Somewhere Else’, an intensely soulful music with a heavy mix, perfecting the blend of beats and vocals.

In just two years of making music, Jyye has stoned us all with his last breakthrough ‘Oxygen’. The track was placed on various Spotify playlist and Apple music’s ‘Hot Tracks’. Not only is he fans skyrocketing, Jyye has also released tracks on hugely respected dance labels including Ultra, Dim Mak and Axtone. The combination will mark a bright future for Jyye’s music path.

We’ve a chance to chat with Jyye about his inspiration in music, his genre experiment, the experience of struggling to find the right place.

What inspired you to have a career in music?

My inspiration actually came from trance music. When I was much younger, I listened to a lot of older Tiesto and his music definitely inspired me to make the same kind of music. I didn’t know where to start until I saw my brother occasionally use FL Studio. Every now and then, I would use it to see if I could come up with something. I didn’t take it very seriously until around age 16-17. I started making trance, progressive as well as Melbourne Bounce a lot and it was only in the end of 2015 when I discovered artists such as EDX, Oliver Heldens and Tchami. Then I made my first deep house track ‘You Love Me’ which received dope support. So I guess the artists I look up to definitely fuelled my hunger for a career in music!

How does music influence you — both in your life and your character?

I literally live for music. Ever since I was younger playing the piano and guitar, I centered my life around music. Even if I was to get a tattoo, it would be music related!

You were experimenting in new track ‘Somewhere Else’ with three very different genres, will you be experimenting more types of styles in the future?

I definitely love to experiment with my tracks so they can all have a fresh feel to them. Lately, I have been mixing trap with deep house and I’m quite happy with the results. I am currently playing around with genres, mixing out of the ordinary genres with deep house, so it should be interesting.

At this young age and with only two years experience, did you struggle to find your own position in the industry or the right music to produce?

I was only relying on Soundcloud for my music and at the time, I didn’t really have the money to promotemy tracks with big channels offering reposts. I was getting around 300 plays at max for each track, so I was definitely struggling. I got my first label release on my good friend Oli’s label ‘Momentum Records’ with my progressive track ‘Share The Love’. That was the first time I saw my music get YouTube support. From there, my now manager and great friend Nathan sent me a message on Soundcloud as his label Spotted Records wanted a demo from me. At this time, I just finished producing my first deep house track ‘You Love Me’, which he loved and signed straight away. That was the first time I ever received DJ support, with support from EDX and Oliver Heldens; two artists I was looking up to. It was from then that I knew this sound is the direction I’m taking.

What is the concept behind your latest track ‘Somewhere Else’ ?

I wanted to create something bouncy and ready to hit the clubs, yet still keeping it melodic and easy to listen to. I love using a marimba pluck in my tracks and I thought it was a dope concept to use that pluck as the main lead in the drop.

What are your upcoming projects in 2018? Any exciting news for our readers?

I have some awesome projects coming up. These include some remixes for people I really look up to, as well as originals that are sure to impact well. I would keep an eye out!

Can you generate a playlist you recommend for our readers?