New Act to Look Out For: Fresh Hip-hop French Face Sara Costa

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The new generation music prodigy is right here! Hip-hop or not, here comes a blasting fresh face, Sara Costa. The French singer has started her music journey ever since she was born. Surrounded by her parents and family members with music, Sara undoubtedly gets the spark of music, just as the rest of he family do. Earlier this year, she unveiled a new track ‘Watch Me Dance’, exploring Nu Disco along the way. Upon its release, Sara has caught the attention from not only hip-hop fans, but music lovers as well.  

We had a chance to talk to her about her life-long journey in music, hip-hop influence, new tack ‘Watch Me Dance’, exciting new works this year and more.

Read on!

  1. You have a life-long background in music, how does that shape your music?

Music has been with me my whole life, I always listened to a lot of music and spoke about music with my parents. I started cello at an early age, learnt music theory, singing… Later in my youth, I found Hip-Hop culture and became passionate about it. That’s what propelled me behind the decks, after that I learnt music production. All those things helped me a lot with music production, melodic and rhythmic wise.. 

  1. What inspired ‘Watch Me Dance?’ Any message you would like to deliver?

I wanted a groovy, funky and super happy piece of music! I had the chance to work with Opé Smith who fitted perfectly. We had a call, a chat, I made him listen to the track and he’s was inspired right away. No changes were made, everything was perfect! The message was, what ever happens, whatever we say or we think, we don’t care about your negativity –  we keep moving all together and we do what we love !

  1. How does hip-hop become your greatest passion in music? What has influenced you most in that process?

At the age of 11/12 y/old, I started to become interested in hip hop culture. I listened to a lot of tracks, sampled from old songs that I used to listen to with my parents.

At that time I already loved dancing (which I practiced), fashion and rap music. I often went to Paris to dig vinyls, to listen to new music and attend concerts. As soon as an US rapper was announced in Paris I managed to watch them perform (which is still true today). I really loved the energy in those concerts, and the DJ that was on the stage made me want to be behind the decks too. Later, I found out that there were DJ courses in my neighborhood, so I signed up and that’s how I started! Back then, vinyl was the standard, and I never stopped djing.

  1. Which types of music will you be producing this year? Are you planning to try out any more new music elements and incorporate them into your songs?

Concerning music production I always want to push the boundaries, I don’t like to be confined into one type of music. I’m into emotions, there are so much elements that inspire me. Currently, I’m working on my third single, and all I can tell you is that there are some great collaborations, but can’t tell you much more…you’ll see that soon!

  1. What are the upcoming plans this year? Any exciting news to our readers?

This year, I have two singles on Sony Music France, some great features and great gigs so stay tuned!