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For a lot of artists, managing anxiety, fame and music all at once is not easy. For Jazz Mino, it’s more than that. The London based singer-songwriter is rooted in Iranian, yet often this root has made her discriminated. Jazz never gives up, and stay at where she’s at, keeping her passion in music in place and the love she wants to share with people who love music. With this determination, she has released a rework of ‘Together In Electric Dreams’, lifting our mood while singing out her heart and delivering a message for anyone who shares the same feelings.

We had a chance to talk to Jazz about her Iranian influence, colour-themed music series, new tack ‘Electric Dreams’, exciting new works this year and more. What’s better? Jazz even recommend a self-picked Spotify playlist for you, anyone who loves her music will find more of her vibe in those songs she recommends!

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  1. What sparked your interest in music?

I’ve always loved singing and writing songs, but it used to just be a hobby until one day I was singing in Camden and Amy Winehouse was watching – Afterward she told me that I was amazing and never to give up – So I decided I had to quit my job and really go for it in music. No regrets so far 🙂

  1. Does your Iranian root influence your music and the message you want to deliver? If so, how does it work?

As I’ve lived in UK for most of my life, I wouldn’t say my Iranian roots influence the music side of my songs, but it’s definitely had an influence on who I am as an artist and my message. Whilst growing up, I moved around the UK a lot which really sort of opened my eyes to different characters and perspectives in the world. Sadly I was victim to quite a lot of racism when in both Manchester and Somerset, so I feel like in some ways this has shaped the topics I tend to write my songs about.

  1. You are working on a colour-themed series, what is the concept and what work are you going to do?

So the concept of my colour themed series of singles is all based around equality, diversity and the importance of looking after yourself and your own mental health. Each single is based around one of these topics and has an associated colour.

Although a lot of my lyrics have references around equality and diversity, the bulk of what I’m writing and releasing at the moment is around mental-health. This is currently the topic most relevant to me right now, as I struggled with anxiety for a very long time and it’s only been the past few months since I’ve been able to overcome it.

I’m currently doing a School & Colleges Tour talking about my experience overcoming anxiety; it seems to be really inspiring the students and in turn inspiring me to keep talking in hope that nobody has to suffer alone like I did.

  1. Your past single ‘Crush’ hit UK Commercial Pop Club Charts, did you expect such a hit when producing it?

Nope haha! To be honest it still doesn’t really feel real. I knew once we’d finished recording, that it was definitely special – But to have so many people dancing to something that I created – It’s a pretty amazing feeling. I find it funny cause I always imagined those artists who are in the club charts to have this high-end London lifestyles, not spending their time snuggled on their sofa with a dog and a curry watching ‘Inside No.9’’, like me haha!

  1. What is the concept behind your latest track ‘Electric Dreams’?

My latest track is a cover of Together In Electric Dreams by Phil Oakey. I’ve always loved the song, and I was inspired to record and release my own version as singing it reminds me that no matter where I am in the world, my friends and family have got my back and a part of them will always be there with me. Together In Electric Dreams always helps me feel less homesick when I’m on tour so it’s pretty cool that I get to blast it and singing my heart out on stage!

  1. What are the upcoming plans this year? Any exciting news to our readers?

Well, I’m just about to release an acoustic version of Together Of Electric Dreams which I recorded in Soho Studios today and I’m SO EXCITED! It has such a different energy to my original version, I can’t wait to share it with all my fans. I’ve also been pretty busy recording a music video for my next single, Warriors which is gonna be released 30th March – So hold tight!!

  1. Can you generate a playlist you recommend for our readers?

Yeah, I actually have a Spotify playlist called ‘In My Head’ which basically all my favourite tunes in one place, you can follow it to hear all my vibes there 

Jazz Mino以活潑歌聲推出重製版〈Electric Dreams〉

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