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Australian duo Right-O has become solo since last year. For the electronic artist, he never stops wanting to create a unique and immersive listening experience. That’s, actually, the secret sauce to his success.

After becoming solo, Right-O merely released two tracks in 2017, yet these two have gained a combined 700k streams at the end of last year. He hits the ground running this year with a single that’s as equally enticing as his last.

Occupying a big seat in Australia’s explosive dance music scene, Right-O produces self-penned music and that sets him from other producers in Australia.  He now puts his sights firmly on breaking the global music scene and brings us his debut solo track ‘First time’, out on 2nd, February.

We had a chance to talk to Right-O about becoming solo, his future music, the style changed and more. Keep reading to find out!

  1. What’s it like to be a solo DJ?

At first it was really weird. I went through a few different emotions of whether I wanted to keep it going, or whether it was something I should just let it go. I’m so happy I kept it going now to see the response of the last couple of records. I’m getting really used to the dynamic of actually performing alone now which is nice.

  1. The track ‘First Time’ is infused with several music genres, is that an indication of Right-O’s future music?

One hundred percent. With my last 3 records I really made a point of experimenting with sounds / genres that were different to what I would normally produce. With ‘First Time’, I wanted a bit more of a commercial influence but still staying very close to my underground clubby roots. Meshing something that is so different was actually quite fun and I feel like the result, has turned out really well.

  1. Where do you get inspiration for new songs?

Anywhere really. For me it’s more about making things that I like. Chances are that if I like a part of the song or the entire song itself, someone else will like it as well. I guess as well I just want to repurpose this project and differentiate myself from being just another club guy, to be something a little refreshing is always on my mind.

  1. From the first track of Right-O to the latest, has there been any significant change in terms of vision, attitude and music making approach?

MASSIVE. At the start of this project it was all about making the biggest basslines and the heaviest club music possible. It then grew into something where musically we didn’t want to just make massive club bangers it moved in a way more experimental and creative direction. Now since going solo, it’s become about showing other artists how to get the best from their records as well. I’ve started a few other businesses outside of this project that aim to help other artists and helping them navigate through this industry. I want to use the RIGHT-O project as a platform to show these guys that you CAN have really good results on records if you put your focus into certain areas.

  1. What can we expect from Right-O in 2018?

At the moment I’m just putting together some shows around ‘First Time’ in Australia. Looks like I will be on the road for a little which is awesome. Have a few more records in the works with Be Rich Records who are massive supporters of my music. As I said above just pushing to make this project a little bit more of a platform for guys in the dance music realm.

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