New Act to Look Out For: TESS

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Earlier this year, the French song-writer and artists TESS has released a MV for her new single ‘Dark But Beautiful’. The track fuses pop with striking drums and her smooth voice, delivering an eclectic song that stirs the contemporary pop music.

Tess Océane Joffroy, commonly known as TESS, released a debut EP last year featuring ‘Love Gun’ and ‘Endlessly’. Both were quite a hit and had gained multiple praises from Billboard and music lovers. She is now branching out to the world of contemporary pop with her eclectic pop.

We had a chance to talk with the France-based pop artist, about her new single, the stunning visuals, her journey in music, and the future plan in 2018.

Q: What inspired ‘Dark But Beautiful?’ What messages did you want to portray?

‘Dark but Beautiful’ is about a difficult and complicated love story between two people living in two different worlds. But it shows that when things get hard, when obstacles stand in your way, love shows you the light and give you strength to fight for what you want. There’s a message of hope saying that together we are stronger and everything is possible even in the darkest hour.

Q: You went to LA in the U.S. for the MV. Any interesting things happened when you shot the MV?

A lot of things. I met and worked with so many talented and kind people. My favourite part was the choreography rehearsal. The choreographer and the dancers were really amazing!

The shooting was really fun, a little hard especially in the swimming pool, during the night. It was so exhausting but I’m happy I got through it and in the end the video is great! So it was worth it!

Q: What and who influenced your music?

Inspiration comes from many things. From my personal life, from people I know or even from movies or TV shows I watched. I like to tell stories. Sometimes I just make them up and sometimes it’s a mix of all of it.

Actually, I don’t like to think too much when I write songs. It’s pretty instinctive. It just comes to my head and I write it down. Sometimes I don’t even know the meaning of the song until it’s done.

Q: Your French tour is approaching. What has you prepared for your fans?

At the moment I’m still working on my album and writing songs. We’ll prepare the tour later when the album is finished and ready to release.

Q: What are the upcoming plans this year? Any exciting news to our readers?

I’m still working on my first album which will be out this year, I’m so exciting for this!!!

Check out her music video for ‘Dark But Beautiful’