【On the Decks 】Music That Needs to be Experienced | Elephante

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Elephante represents the fresh new sound in the electronic dance music scene, amongst the many hopefuls that want to make it out there in the U.S., his name popped out of the crowd with hints of progressive house mixed with subtle trap beats to his killer remixes over the past couple of years with tracks from big name artists with the likes of Clean Bandit and Lorde. Fresh off the shelf his debut EP I Am The Elephante shows the producer’s versatility and skill, making the tracks sounding unique and ones to call his own.

The EP is a collection of music that Elephante himself describes as “everything I love about dance music.” The musically gifted producer grew up practicing piano and guitar, but the one turning point that drove him into dedicating his career into dance music was all due to Skrillex, the song opened up a new world to him, showing him other ways of how musical notes could be threaded together, which created the building blocks of his electronic wonders. It all comes down to the computer and track selection when discussing electronic music, and I’m sure many of you are wondering how do we ever tell the difference between different genres of music under this giant tree called EDM?

EDM doesn’t only restrict itself in the sense of tracks played in your own room, it should be played amongst crowds of people, soaking in the whole ambience of the experience. So streaming online is never enough to fully understand a producers’ truest emotions, from the music you will get a glimpse of the intricacy in the music, catching all the details notes from the track, yet missing the live aspect. Hearing the music live is what makes the music alive, producers spends hours finalising the sounds, playing it to live crowds on the other hand feeds into the energy of the crowd and creates a connection. Elephante is now currently touring around the U.S. on his I Am The Elephante Tour  and he wishes for fans to know that you will follow him on a “musical journey with a ton of energy and emotion.” Already embarked on the journey, Elephante found the journey so far “absolutely insane and wishes for it to bring even more eventful happenings to heighten his whole experience.”

In terms of upcoming plans and expectations, Elephante will be heading for his first headline tour. There are many parts of the musical world where the producer has yet to explore, his aim for the shows is to create an experience that’s addicting for the viewers, making them wanting more of his productions. And he’s already preparing brand new material, we can’t wait for Elephante to come visit us here in Asia!