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Whenever one mentions粉紅A (Fun Hung A) in a conversation around indie music in Hong Kong, it all takes us back to 10 odd years ago when the band decided to take a break from music, to search for fresh inspiration through art and painting. The time has come when they feel ready to once again take on the great adventure on reliving the adrenaline-filled journey of life on stage. Hayden who was the one on the receiving end of the phone call from Clockenflap explains it’s just down to plain coincidence and perfect timing aligned that drawn the four founding members back to where it all started.

Time flies, but Fun Hung A perseveres

The quartet claims that never once did they thought of disbanding the group or replacing members due to constant location problems. Simultaneously they agree upon the unbeatable dynamic that the four share between themselves, “our focus has always been the nature of the music, all that we create comes out naturally and organically, it’s hard to imagine having to accustom to a brand new person”

It’s the history they share that makes Fun Hung A what they sound like, “our inspiration appears when we all gather round, brainstorm” and the so often banter between the four that naturally builds up momentum for the band.

Shared background = Shared thoughts?

Sometimes having known one another for such a long time might become a certain bottleneck moment for some groups, but for Fun Hung A the comfort of understanding strengthens the bond between the group. “To us it wasn’t down to the choice of producing music or not, it was down to the fact that we were not based in the same location.” When asked about the substantial amount of time that they went different directions from music production and delve into art and painting, they admitted that to them it doesn’t seem to be such a long time ago. “To us, it was a change of scene, it wasn’t a total abandonment of music making, our initial thought was just to find some new inspiration, and we wanted to wait for the right moment. I guess now is the time that we are ready to take up a new challenge.” We are sure everyone has been waiting for them to announce their epic return to the center stage!

Fun Hung A’s Clockenflap experience

When we first heard of a 3-day event dedicated to promoting local and international music of all sorts, we were all very surprised and shocked that it will be held in Hong Kong, and in the middle of the bustling city. “Hong Kong is particularly special since it’s an urban space, it’s like a little oasis within the city.” It really is a rare to have a “weekend that people can spend absorbing in all things music and culture.”

From our talk with Fun Hung A, they easily finish off each others’ sentences, their group dynamic is something that can only be seen through friendship, and years of acknowledgement. That’s why Fun Hung A insists that they remain the same throughout the years, nothing can change the dynamics in this group!

Look forward to Fun Hung A’s performance at Clockenflap this year on the 18th November (Saturday) they will be performing on the FWD stage!

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