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Italian producer Stefano Pain recently released his newest creation ‘Fugitive’ on Protocol Recordings, described as a dynamic track that plays with different textures in sounds and vocals.

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Indeed Stefano Pain draws a lot of attention to the sudden changes in sounds and speed levels making us intrigued to what the song is going to lead us to in terms of our states of mind. ‘Fugitive’ can easily be categorised as an upbeat song yet we find it difficult to give it a genre, it draws influences from various genres, in some parts of the song you’ll find yourself wondering if you’re still listening to the same track, it’s a fresh way of composition.

Having started your DJ career in the young age of 15, what made you decide to do this as a career?

Since I was 13 I started to live the nightlife thanks to my father and his love for the music. We often went to the clubs where I was attracted by the “explosion” of the late 80’s /90’s House-Music ( David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Roger Sanchez or Masters at Work, just to mention a few ) and then, from that moment on, I knew with no doubts that my career had to be in to the music. As I always say, music is my life!

Comparing nightlifes in different cities which would be your favourite city to perform at?

I’ve have been working for several years and I travelled in many countries such as Usa, Russia, Greece, Siberia, Spain, Ukrain, Egypt and all over Italy of course, so I can say that my favourites cities are Miami, Mykonos and last but not least Ibiza that is in my heart, I love Ibiza!

How would you describe your new track ‘Fugitive’?

When I started to produce this song, I wanted to create a sound that was inspired to old-school house, using vocal melodies together with synth pianos, and a strong groove that creates the energy for clubs and festivals.

How was the experience being able to release the track on Protocol Recordings?

It was amazing!! I’ve always followed Nicky Romero and his label “Protocol” and having the opportunity to release ‘Fugitive’ makes me very proud to be part of this big family.

Any exciting plans for the future?

Actually I’m working to many different new projects to be released for the end of the year. I’m already testing the tracks in my summer tour dj-sets and I hope to offer these songs to my fans very soon, so…Stay Tuned !

Anything you want to say to your Asian fans?

I notice that in the last few years, the Asian world hosts many international DJs and producers. Asian audience is very welcoming and loving so I Iook forward to meeting them all!!


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