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We often hear the experiences of watching an indie band’s live show as a hit or miss lucky draw type of situation, but if you all had the chance to listen to the music from English band Temples, you were sure to have had a wonderful time. Debuting their live set in Hong Kong first time at the 10th anniversary of Clockenflap this year, fans in Hong Kong is in for a treat, as they showcase their music first time in China.

Started off as a duo members James Bagshaw and Tom Walmsley created the psychedelic-rock/ pop band Temples, later completed the lineup with additional keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Adam Smith, and drummer Samuel Toms. The quartet has since journeyed off to an adventure of international tours.

BOOM had the chance to talk with the free-spirited quartet, whose known to create and produce in their own time and pace (even place), whilst many bands wishes to get close to the city vibes and be close to the industry, Temples work in the exact polar opposite to the norm, keeping true to their own artistic ideals. Temples discusses the band’s take on Clockenflap and how Temples became the band that they are today.

How did your band start? How did you all manage to get noticed by working n a home studio?

All four of us come from the same town, Kettering. James and Tom began the project by recording at home and then Adam and Sam joined in. We uploaded a few songs to youtube and Jeff Barrett from Heavenly somehow heard it and got in touch.

How would you, in your own words, describe Temples music style and vibe?

An amalgam of styles, pop, psychedelia, progressive and more, hopefully arriving at an individual sound we can all our own.

Joining the lineup of Clockenflap this year, are you excited to perform in Hong Kong?

We are very much looking forward to playing in Hong Kong, we have never played in China before. It’s very exciting for us.

With so many other International acts coming together, are there any bands that you wish to see perform live?

Massive Attack should be interesting.

What is your views on Clockenflap a 3-day festival that invites bands from all over the world?

Festivals are beautiful events when they manage to bring together so many musicians from around the world and share their art with a congregation of people.

Album art for Volcano, out earlier this year

Your history on album releasing seems to be one that leaves the fans waiting, will your next album again be released a couples years later?

We have no idea how long it will take yet, but hopefully not as long as a couple of years.

Will there be any new materials that you will be playing in the set in Hong Kong?

We will be playing a mixture of songs from Volcano and Sun Structures and possibly a few other surprises.

Any exciting plans that you can tell us?

We are writing again and excited to see where our songs take us this time around.

Anything you want to say to the fans in Hong Kong?

We can’t wait to join you over there! See you soon.
If you want to catch Temples live in action, be sure to watch their live show on Sunday (19th November) at Clockenflap 2017, on the FWD Stage. 


Clockenflap 2017
Date: 17th -19th November 2017
Venue: Central Harbor Front 

Tickets now available at Ticketflap

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