BOOM Premiere | J-Hoon 852 Poetry Slam Part I

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The Modern Li Bai has to be one that are well versed with words and phrases — J-Hoon perfectly portrays the role of being the Li Bai of the millennial. in the wake of his upcoming album launch Modern Li Bai, the Hip Hop rapper has taken a few of his new songs and twisted it into a fresh new genre.

The 852 Poetry Slam is an A Capella version of songs mashed with one another, which focuses on the city’s hidden secrets. It’s a little look into the heart of the city and a little look into the creator’s mind.

Never before seen, Part 1 features ‘Education’ a song that looks into the life of an everyday Hong Kongese. Shot around the temples of Hong Kong, is like a short introduction to the city as well as the rapper himself. It creates this ambience of familiarity to all, even those who have not been to Hong Kong before, it prepares you for what is coming your way with the whole album.

Modern Li Bai will soon be released, remember to check in for the newest updates!

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