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Jin Sun You

Jin Sun You

Marketing Director
@ Ultra Korea

[pukka_dropcap style=”” txt_color=”White” bg_color=”Black” size=””]U[/pukka_dropcap]tra Music Festival has been labelled the largest electronic music festival in the global scene. Electro music junkie or not, during the period of Ultra Korea fest, one is bound to witness the entire body of social media platforms drowning in information and photographs from the fiesta. Originated in Miami and co-founded in 1999 by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes, the electro music fest presents twelve different performing locations, attracting world-renown DJs and performers upon its dazzling stage. The past five years have seen promising results, as tickets sold out in an instant, demonstrating the event’s rising popularity. We spoke to Ultra Korea’s Marketing Director, Jin Sun You, about the development of Ultra Korea since its beginnings in 2012, and her experiences with the festival in the past five years.

2012 was the year that brought Ultra Music Festival officially to South Korea, and numerous difficulties arose in the process of introducing the largest electronic music festival to the local scene. “Ultra Korea was born out of an accidental opportunity. In 2010, our company’s CEO had come across a video of DJ Tiësto and Diplo performing in Miami – they were performing ‘C’Mon’ both in the daytime and nighttime. He was immediately attracted to this enchanting image on his screen: the best DJ, paired with the extravagant stage, ravishing lights and the overwhelming energy of the crowd. Although we were initially unfamiliar with the electronic music scene and culture, we were deeply entranced by its liveliness, and so we wanted to bring it to South Korea. This was extremely difficult, as the other performing locations had not heard of Ultra Korea, and the headquarters at Miami did not express interest towards our efforts. However, after years of persistence, we were able to bring Ultra to South Korea in 2012, while becoming the very first performing location in the entirety of Asia”.

In the span of five years, Jin Sun had a lot to consider: “I had always been interested in different cultures. I enjoy playing the piano, listening to classical music, and making art and photography. Before I joined Ultra Korea, I had organised and planned classical music shows and events, and had worked at an art exhibition hall. I was immensely interested in electronic music when I had first been introduced to it, and I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to work on Ultra Korea for the past five years”. The role of Marketing Director seems to naturally entice You, as she stated that there was no need for purposeful maintenance of a passionate attitude.

From the initial stages of non-interest from other Ultra Music Festival locations, to the promising results that Ultra Korea had brought to the table, You shares her opinion on what a successful music festival needs in order to climb the ranks – branding. “I hope that people will refrain from going with the flow, as different music festivals and performing locations have their own unique features. Each producing team has their own individualistic elements that can highlight their respective areas of expertise. In addition, there are other significant features that make a good music festival, and this includes a solid line-up, a high-quality sound system, as well as good catering and activities that supports what goes on in the spotlight. The event can go on for over ten hours, so all these elements are important. But what should be focused on, is the atmosphere. I hope that Ultra Korea would become the most influential local electronic music festival, in order to bring the dynamic passion and excitement of the crowd to every single person that has come to see it in its glory”.


Ultra Korea
10th-12th June, 2016
Seoul, South Korea