The Ten’s of Justin Timberlake

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After a five-year break, Justin Timberlake has announced his new album “Man of the Woods.” This album has 16 songs in total, and will officially drop on 2nd February. Before the new album, let us review the top ten songs of Justin Timberlake!

Like I Love You

This song is the first solo performance of Justin Timberlake’s entire music career at the MTV VMAs in 2002. The song Justin Timberlake was inspired while listening to Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Cry Me A River

“Cry Me A River” is one of the top pop breakup songs. This song recorded in Justin Timberlake debut studio album, “Justified” in 2002. This song was a difficult conversation between Justin Timberlake and former girlfriend Britney Spears. This song became Justin Timberlake first top 10 pop hit as a solo artist.

Rock Your Body

“Rock Your Body” was also recorded in Justin Timberlake’s “Justified” album. This song was the third single from “Justified” to do so and ranked No.5 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Rock Your Body” was also one of the songs that Justin Timberlake performs in the Super Bowl half-time show.

I’m Lovin’ It   

Is the lyrics “I’m Lovin’ it” sounds familiar to you? In 2003, Justin Timberlake helped McDonald’s to launch the marketing campaign by singing the new McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ it.” Over the past years, “I’m Lovin it” has gone on to become by far the long-running McDonald’s slogan in history. And we can see that Justin Timberlake not only a good music creator but also show his influences in marketing.

Summer Love

“Summer Love” was recorded in Justin Timberlake’s “LoveSounds” album; the song is about the desire to fall in love with the lusty seasonal lover. “Summer Love” was No.1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart.


Justin Timberlake’s second album was introduced by the Single “SexyBack.” It was released on July 18, 2006. This song was written and produced by Nate Hills, Tim Mosley and Justin Timberlake himself. “Sexy Back received a Grammy Award for the Best Dance Recording, and the music video was directed by Michael Haussmann.

What Goes Around Comes Around

This song was co-written and produced by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, and Danja. The song was recorded in “LoveSounds” album in 2006. “What Goes Around Comes Around,” this song said by Justin Timberlake to be about betrayal and forgiveness, it is also one of the typical breakup songs of Justin Timberlake.

Pusher Love Girl

As the opening track to his long-awaited comeback, there was already massive expectation on the new song “Pusher Love Girl.” It was the first song that fans hear when “The 20/20 Experience” first published.

Suit & Tie ft. JAY-Z

“Suit & Tie” was recorded in “The 20/20 Experience” album in 2013. This song was the song that Justin Timberlake’s return to the music industry after a short break. Also, this record featuring the most prominent artist in the rap music at that time, JAY-Z. It was a brilliant move for Justin Timberlake to plan his comeback, to collaborate with the most famous rapper at that time. 


“Mirrors” is an epic eight minutes long song, the second single from “The 20/20 Experience” album in 2013. This song Justin Timberlake was inspired by the marriage of his Grandparents. The song was written by Justin Timberlake himself. “Mirrors” at last earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance.