Kevin Wiyarnanda @ Ismaya Live/Djakarta Warehouse Project

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[Text by Nadine Ng & Priscilla Ng]

kevin-wiyarnandaKevin Wiyarnanda

PR & Media Relations
@ Ismaya Live/Djakarta Warehouse Project

As one of the biggest dance music festivals in Indonesia, Kevin Wiyarnanda of Djakarta Warehouse Project sits down to discuss the intricacies of putting together the festival and his personal reasons behind being apart of the team. Describing his festival as “massive, diverse, uniting and celebratory”, he very much epitomizes what the festival experience offers to audiences. Priding himself in the festival’s musical diversity (with the lineup compiled of a range of both underground and mainstream acts), he states that while the headlining acts are important, the festival also thrives on introducing newer musical talents to their attendees. He also expresses his love for the uniting and celebratory nature of the festival, presenting it as a platform for electronic-music lovers all over the country to gather and celebrate a mutual love for such art forms.

Inspired by being an avid-festival and concert-goer since his teenage years, Wiyarnanda expresses the very rewarding aspects of being a part of the creative process of DWP. Ultimately, his creative input in the festivals planning and logistics stands as a manifestation of his experiences growing up and having first-hand knowledge of what audiences want to take away from their experiences. Logistically, however, he does share the somewhat tedious process behind festival planning; from marketing the festival efficiently, to aligning the festival’s schedule with potential artists’ availability, he opens up about the challenges faced in creating a dance festival as big as DWP. By prioritizing design as a major component to a successful festival, he utters the importance of successful marketing in order to urge both new and old audiences to continue attending the festival. From designing a user-friendly website, to creating accessible platforms equipped with information regarding the festival, he credits the importance of incorporating such logistical elements to the success of the festival. However, he views the complexity of the process as a good kind of challenge, one with extremely rewarding results once finalized. For Wiyarnanda, being a part of the sixteen-person Ismaya team extends beyond the logistical success of the festival. He shares the mutual sense of satisfaction experienced within the team when witnessing mass audiences “having the time of their lives” on the dance floor.

With their 2015 line-up featuring artists, such as Major Lazer, Armin Van Buren, and Duke Dumont, Wiyarnanda describes 2015 as their most memorable year due to their impeccable line-up. However, he states that the organization adheres to the ‘best is yet to come’ motto, and thus tries to improve the festival each year by taking into account the flaws of previous years to constantly be improving the festival experience on an annual basis.

When asked about his all-time favorite global festivals, he mentions frequently attending Laneway Festival in Singapore, and describes it as both a breathtaking and somewhat surreal, atmospheric experience. From the backdrop of the Marina Bay Sands to the barbershop available to audiences in need of a “quick trim”, he elaborates on the complexity and beauty of the festival experience as a whole.

In terms of expansion, Wiyarnanda simply states that he wants the festival to stand as a platform to put Indonesia “on the map” musically, and to make it appeal as a hub for music-lovers all over the continent.

From Diplo crowd surfing in an inflatable ball, to sharing love and positivity amongst fellow festival-goers, DWP stands as a hub for electronic-music lovers to gather in celebration through dance and music. Be sure to check out the eighth edition of the festival this winter!


Djakarta Warehouse Project
9th-10th December, 2016
Jakarta, Indonesia