Lady Gaga Cancels the Rest of World Tour Due to “Severe Pain”

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Lady Gaga has announced that she is cancelling the remainder of her world tour, the last ten dates on the European tours due to “severe pain” that is “beyond my control”.

The 31-year-old singer just kicked off her UK shows last week, yet she is forced to pull out of the rest of her tour dates for health reasons.

Lady Gaga stated from her Twitter account that she needed to “put myself and my well-being first” merely after she finished her first stops of European tours. The singer is suffering from fibromyalgia, a long-term condition that can cause chronic pain all over the body. Currently, no cure is available for the condition, and the cause is unknown, but it can be triggered by psychologically or physically stressful events.

She wrote: “We’re cancelling the last 10 shows of my Joanne World Tour. I love this show more than anything, and I love you, but this is beyond my control.”

The cancelled shows are in London, Manchester, Zurich, Koln, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris and Berlin and Rio.