Liquid State Connects Local Talents with International Acts

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Liquid State is the new hybrid created in partnership by Sony Music Entertainment and Tencent Music Entertainment. Employing the renowned states of both companies, with Sony’s leading expertise in talent management, together with Tencent’s growing followers on their multiple platforms such as QQ, and Weibo.  Liquid State is the dominant Asian base for Electronic Dance Music, linking international and local artists, acting as a bridge to link the two together.

“By creating the contemporary platform — Liquid State — our aim is to borrow the power of both companies, to create a never before seen relationship between Western and Eastern music.” 彭迦信, Tencent Music Entertainment

Liquid State Ambassadors: DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Alan Walker, China’s Pop Queen 李宇春, Hong Kong’s leading actor and singer Nicholas Tse, and Korea’s leading male group BIGBANG’s Seungri.
Fresh newcomers to join in Liquid State: Korean Hip Hop duo Junkilla, DJ Lizzy, and Grammy Award nominee ZHU

Liquid State is the centre hub for Electronic Dance Music, creating a lifestyle label that supports local artist reaching markets that have been less touched upon, allowing extra possibilities in collaboration and synergy. This new platform ensures an easily accessible pathway for International acts and local acts to connect with one another, in hopes of conceiving out of the box fresh ideas that has never been seen in any of their predecessors.

BOOM was very lucky to speak to one of the ambassadors for Liquid State — Alan Walker. Only 20 years of age, Walker’s fanbase has been one of the fastest growing platforms reaching over 6 billion hits online, and a secure placement on the hottest DJ Mag Top 100 list. Alan Walker is the first of many International DJs who will be embarking on a whole new journey with Liquid State and rumour has it that he will be releasing numerous exclusive CDs in partnership with Liquid State.

Has the Internet been a useful tool when you first started pursuing music as a career?

Yes definitely, I started learning DJ-ing through videos on YouTube, and listening to other people’s work on SoundCloud, it’s so easily accessible for everyone nowadays. And i can learn how to make music just searching online.  It also allows opportunity for newcomers to reach out to more esteemed DJs and to learn from them, and opening up more channels for synergy.

Was it a difficult process becoming a DJ at such a young age?

Of course it was difficult, I started when I was around 16, people didn’t take you seriously. But the culture has opened up more ways for young people to explore their opportunities. Like my song ‘Fade’ it just spread like wildfire online, I’m very honored to be part of this digital decade where the Internet allows us to reach markets that we’ve not even thought about before.

What’s your motto as a DJ?

Since I started at such a young age, I never even dreamed of making money out of my music, I just want to share my music, and to spread it to people all around the world who loves my music.

Partnering with Liquid State does it mean you’ll be exploring more Asian markets?

Yes of course, we have been scheduling all types of new adventures in the upcoming year, I will also be embarking in my new tour in March visiting different cities around the world, I’m very excited to get back to China and Asia to meet my fans again!