Listen to Rising Star Rina Sawayama’s New Song “Cherry”

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Rina Sawayama, a British-Japanese singer-songwriter. She began her solo music career by releasing a single Sleeping In Waking in 2013. With Rina’s strong interest in music, after completing her degree in politics in University of Cambridge, she decided to fully pursue music as her career.

In the earliest days, Rina was insecure about her performance, she once said she has serious imposter syndrome. But her fans are definitely proving that Rina is the star to rise. Earlier this year, Rina released the new single Valentine and received such a positive reaction.

This month in August, she releases the track Cherry, which is sweet and romantic, and also openly talk about the struggle as being pansexual.

Rina is not only renowned with her music, she also gain much attention in her iconic fashion sense as a model. Check out her Instagram (@rinasonline)!

“’Cause inside I’m still the same me with no ID, no ID. Won’t you be my cherry now?”