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The annual STAND FOR SOMETHING is here this September, and the theme for 2017 is “Worn Different”. The “Worn Different” campaign signifies everyone’s uniqueness, how different styles and personalities can be portrayed through their choice of Dr. Martens. The campaign is carried out through to the glamorous stage set to be at E-Max Music Zone on the 28th September, 2017.

This year, 6 different bands will be joining the celebration, each representing a specific music genre, identifying the varied categories in the Hong Kong music scene. This year’s STAND FOR SOMETHING will be one that portrays all aspects of art, culture, fashion and music in the city, wishing for all party goers to have a fully immersive experience.

Supper Moment

One of Hong Kong’s leading indie bands, their music like a disease will spread around the crowds, easily influences all that listens to their music! They have been fighting for the dream of creating music for 10 years, let’s all celebrate their indie success!

Tang Siu Hau

All should know her from a local music contest 【中國好聲音】but have you been following her musical career after that? Tang has been working hard in creating emotional ballads and will be releasing her new album The Strength of Weakness!

Site Access

One of the local bands that embodies an old school “Alternative Groove Funk” vibe. After 10 years of radio silence the band is ready to come back on stage and revisit the music scene. They have started process in making the third album, we can’t wait to hear the finished product!


The band named themselves EMPTY to remind themselves of how creativity should start from zero, always carrying an empty mindset helps with the explosive burst of starting something new!


Just listening to their band name we know that their music has to be all over the place, not in a bad way, instead their music embodies something from every genre, showing their expansive knowledge on musical styles and creativity to link them all together.

Per se

This pop contemporary pop duo does not wish to be limited by a single genre, hence the name per se, literally not attaching any meaning to their music, it’s all up to your own interpretation, we are looking forward to what they will bring to this performance!

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