Mad Decent Releases Brand New “A Very Decent Christmas” Compilation

in Music

It’s the fourth year that Mad Decent has decided to release his very own festive compilation named A Very Decent Christmas. The producer/ DJ is keen to celebrate the festive season with all his friends giving them something to look forward to in the musical scene. The compilation combines some of the EDM hits that have roamed the charts this year, also it contains most of the creative endeavours of the year. It’s almost like a wrap up of the year, reminding us all the great tracks that celebrates the success of his fellow DJs.

The compilation includes new music from Major Lazer, 4B, Bad Royale, DIV/IDE and more. This compilation will sure put you in the mood for a very alternative Christmas, no more of the traditional carols that most households would expect. And keep in mind this is no compilation for children, but it’s the perfect tracks to get EDM fans on the hype for the jolly good season!