How Much Power Does Spotify Hold Over You?

in Music

Spotify is the most used music streaming service in the world. It has doubled its users over the course of two years. The Sweden-based music streaming service has enjoyed more than 70 million paying users as of this month. With the skyrocketing number of users and artists joining in, Spotify is expected to outgrow other competitors like Apple Music and KKBox.

Truth be told. Indeed Spotify has the most paying users compared with other music streaming platforms. But what does that mean? Well, it implies a ton of things.

First off, Spotify lets you stay in the music listening habit. Gone are the times when you needed to load a disc into your laptop, switch the songs’ format then put it to your smartphone. Listening to music has been hassle-free since the born of online streaming music service. You may not be aware, but plenty of people very often have their earphone on whenever they’re alone. Spotify verifies that the average weekly listening hours of a listener has grown by 25% since 2014. This phenomenon is likely to gain a much more widespread present with the soaring subscribers in multiple music streaming platforms.

Have you found yourself listening to more ‘unfamiliar’ artists? Yes, your taste in music has probably become more varied. The personalized playlists and hand-picked discovery tools in Spotify such as Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, Fresh Finds and Today’s Top Hits and so on are the major source as of the increasing diversity you have on music genre. According to Spotify’s insight, an average user listens to about 40 unique artists every week in 2017, which has increased nearly 40 percent within three years. All of the playlists encourage users to listen to singers and bands that they otherwise wouldn’t have. No wonder it drives users’ listening variety remarkably.

Spotify’s algorithmic playlists aside, the customizable playlists that listeners can make and share with family and friends is another big plus. Sharing music has a new form. Instead of copying a bunch of song’s names onto the Internet, Spotify make the whole playlist sharable to anyone you want. Parties are filled with Spotify playlists nowadays, be it a Spotify editorial one or your hand picked one. Your favorite songs and playlists has probably gained more exposure on Spotify. By sharing them with your friends, you can connect more deeply. As the saying goes, music strengthen our social bonds.

Undeniably, Spotify has made music far more easily accessible and shareable, boosting not only our listening habits and variety, but our social connection as well.

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